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Project Info

  • Client Name

    Mr. Jitendra Chouksey CEO and Founder of FITTR app.
  • Duration

    Total duration of the project 7 months, including civil, electrical, plumbing, furniture, painting, landscaping etc.
  • Execution

    7 Months for Execution
  • Material Used

    Nano stones, Mirrors, glasses, profile shutters, veneers, fluted panels, granites, texture paints, mdf cnc cuttings, Hafele Hettich BLUM hardware, PVD coated golden structures.

YooVillas represents one of India's premier luxury villa projects, developed by Panchshil Realty Pune, renowned for prestigious developments like Trump Towers. Situated in Kharadi / Wagholi, a rapidly growing area of Pune propelled by the presence of numerous technology firms, YooVillas offers bare shell villas. These villas feature only exterior elevations, providing owners with complete freedom to design the interiors according to their preferences.

The villa we executed spans approximately 5000 square feet of carpet area and includes a lawn and water feature, showcasing the epitome of luxury and elegance.


In 2023, Mr. Jitendra Chouksey was seeking a comprehensive interior solutions company, particularly in the Kharadi, Viman Nagar or Wagholi area. He desired a company with extensive experience in designing and renovating villas and bungalows. Specifically, Mr. Chouksey was interested in engaging a firm proficient in complex civil and masonry work, with extensive knowledge in advanced air conditioning - HVAC and systems, skilled in Pex piping plumbing, experienced in home automation integration, and capable in landscaping services, work experience of handling PU paint jobs, hands on experience of solid surface - Corian usage etc. Additionally, he sought a company with a proven track record in sourcing large quantities of high-quality loose premium furniture for interior projects.

In their quest for interior designers in Kharadi / Wagholi, a husband and wife met with several firms, prioritizing expertise in understanding their needs quickly due to the time-sensitive nature of their project.

After several meetings, the client concluded that decorMyPlace Interiors was the ideal agency to tackle the intricate design of their dream home interiors.

For the kitchen, we selected G7 Nano surface for the countertops and Hettich tandem drawers for efficient storage. To achieve the desired clean and luxurious super white look, we recommended using lacquered surfaces or PU paint for the kitchen facades.

In the living, drawing, and dining areas, large super white tiles measuring 10 feet by 3 feet were chosen for the flooring, with some also used as wall cladding alongside metal and wood accents. Additionally, for the powder room, we installed a camouflaged door with a fluted panel and finished it with PU paint to seamlessly blend with the overall design.

In this interior design project, the installation of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system was a vital component within the comprehensive scope of work. The HVAC installation significantly influenced several key aspects of the project, including overall comfort and indoor air quality, integration with design elements, space planning and efficiency, energy efficiency, as well as client comfort and the long-term performance of the system.

The installation of Jacuzzis and premium bathtubs was to enhance luxury and relaxation in bathrooms. They elevate the bathing experience, promoting stress relief and wellness. Such installations add value to properties, appealing to homeowners seeking upscale amenities. They signify a commitment to comfort and indulgence within interior design.

PEX piping is vital in luxury projects for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion. It ensures reliable water distribution with fewer joints, reducing potential leaks. PEX's flexibility simplifies installation, accommodating complex layouts. Its long lifespan and compatibility with modern fixtures make it ideal for upscale plumbing systems.

The staircase railing featuring a mix of wood and glass blended elegance with modern design in this interior project. This combination created a sophisticated aesthetic while maintaining openness and light flow. It enhanced safety and aesthetics, creating a striking focal point that complements contemporary interior styles.

Selecting the right loose furniture items is crucial for interior design projects. These pieces play a pivotal role in defining the overall aesthetic, functionality, and comfort of a space. The importance lies in achieving harmony and balance within the design, complementing the fixed elements like flooring and wall finishes. We considered various factors while sourcing these loose furniture pieces like style and theme, functionalities, scale and proportions, material and quality, comfort, colour and texture, budget and value and several other factors.

The smart home automation work in the villa was extensive and meticulously executed. Various systems, including lighting, HVAC, security, and entertainment, were integrated and automated. Smart sensors, cameras, and voice-activated controls were installed throughout.

The villa featured remote access and scheduling capabilities, enhancing convenience and security. The project involved thorough planning, installation, and testing to ensure seamless operation. The smart home automation transformed the villa into a modern, efficient, and technologically advanced living space.


"Working with decorMyPlace team on our interior design project was a fantastic experience. Their attention to detail and creativity brought our vision to life. From concept to execution, team demonstrated professionalism and expertise. They transformed our space into a stunning, functional environment that exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with the results and would highly recommend decorMyPlace team for any interior design needs."

About The Firm

We are group of professionals with an average of more than 15 yrs. of experience in SERVICE INDUSTRY in Indian as well as in international market.

In short span of time we have accumulated an impressive track record in this region of credibility and trust.To reach out to more and more clients we have been investing in grooming several interior designers and designing enthusiastic.

We firmly believe that interior design industry in India is in nascent stage and will grow drastically and decormyplace hope to contribute immensely to the development of this industry as we build on our credentials and accolades.

Team understands the challenges of home decor industry especially balancing the three most important pillars Budget, Delivery Schedule and Creativity with durability.

Decormyplace wish to be a trusted partner for large number of Indian satisfied clients who turn to us for our vision and promise to deliver a home, your lifestyle representation.

What We Offer

Our team visits premises, understands your detailed requirement and make a budgetary estimation in tabular format for carpentry, false ceiling, electrification, etc. it’s absolutely free.


We buy in bulk, we are registered as an OEM with many manufacturers, thus the cost of procurement is lesser and we pass on this bulk buying benefits to clients.


In-house material studio for laminates, veneers, stones, hardware, wallpapers, fabric reduces material selection time almost by 75% and avoid the hassle of traveling.


As we work on fixed price structure, you absolutely need not worry about the wastage of material, our stringent technical checks make wastage almost impossible.


Creativity is the most important virtue of the whole project, designers always offer stylish designs using various shapes, materials, colours. Admiration is guaranteed.


Carpentry, electrification, plumbing, false ceiling, masonry, solid wood works, painting, fabrication etc. all under one roof, seamless co-ordination with all the vendors.