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Most influential cost deciding factor � Material type

What is your preference wood, Corian, laminates, digital laminates, duco paints, metallic laminates or veneers or any other interior material like metal, highlighters; your preference of material is going to largely impact on the cost of interior designing for your 3 BHK apartment in Mumbai. Modern interior material market is flooded with many choices like SOLID SURFACE JALI designs, highlighters, MDF, coco panels, numerous designs of fabrics, glasses with films, back painted glasses, teak wood, tiles options, wood like Canadian pines; what material you are going to use are the vital parameters in determining the INTERIOR DESIGNING COST FOR 2 BHK.

The one material choice of similar category can be 300 � 500 percent expensive than the other material, say veneer we have veneer from 100 Rs  to 500 Rs per sq. ft and that changes the complete calculation for the total of INTERIOR DESIGNING COST FOR 3 BHK apartment in Mumbai.

The type of hardware economical Vs imported premium

Most of the international hardware companies, world leaders like Hafele, Hettich, Blum have entered in Indian markets speculating the fastest growth in this sector, they are fighting for the market with the established local players like EBCO, GODREJ, CNR etc. INTERIOR DESIGNING COST FOR 3 BHK in Mumbai will surely get impacted with the choice of hardware in the project, there are multiple brands and multiple types of hardware fittings are available to address the specific need, though these all hardware are going to serve the same purpose but their prices change drastically with the type of material, brands, warranty period, there is option like soft-closing hardware those are generally twice or thrice expensive than regular hardware.

Now a days interior fittings market is flooded with modern hardware fittings like cabinets uplift systems, hanger lifts, tandem boxes, inline sliding system these modern advanced fittings surely increase the utility of the furniture but at the same time would increase the cost of INTERIOR DESIGNING FOR 3 BHK in Mumbai.

Impact of superior quality of workmanship

Interiors falls under labour centric industry and highly dependent on the people who work on the project during the execution, there is always need of very skilled people to bring out the finesse in interiors work, the charges of good Karagirs is generally 20 25 percent higher than the regular Karagirs which are available in abundant in market.   There is need of various types of Karagirs / skilled labour like carpenters, painter, polish-man, tile fitter, mason etc. the final outcome is dependent on their skillsets.  Thus it is obvious the better finishing will need at least 15 20 percent higher expenses to be spent and that impact the INTERIOR DESIGNING COST FOR 3 BHK in Mumbai.

Larger the Size of flat higher will be the budget required

The size of the flat is one of the highest impacting factor on the COST OF INTERIOR DESIGNING FOR 2 BHK in Mumbai, in Mumbai 2BHK apartment on an average carpet area varies between 700 � 1200 sq. ft. this change is almost 60 � 70 percent from lower size to higher size, this surely effect on the INTERIOR DESIGNING COST FOR 3 BHK in Mumbai as per the increment in the size.  Large apartment, will surely have more space for bigger furniture and may be few extra furniture items like crockery racks, book rack, etc. these added items will increase the INTERIOR DESIGNING COST FOR 3 BHK in Mumbai.

3 BHK interiors average COST FOR in Mumbai

In short span of time decormyplace finished more than 400 projects, basing on the experience of these projects we can summarise 3 BHK INTERIOR DESIGNING COST in Mumbai as below

  • PREMIUM OPTION 15 18 lacs
  • LUXURY OPTION 20 30 lacs