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New European Fascia / Shutter for Kitchen Cabinates

See Through Grills

Grills can damage THE LOOK OF YOUR LARGE PANEL WINDOWS, now a days builders are not providing the grills in order to enhance the beauty of their buildings elevations, but this may lead to some accident especially in case of kids. To avoid such mishaps we have a solution, we have imported see through grills or you can say very thin wired grills which are very strong and will protect residents from any unwanted situation.

WPC Bathroom Doors

100 percent Waterproof decorative customizable doors is what industry have been looking for quite a long time, now we have solution which is 100 percent waterproof and can be customized in various designs to match your overall décor of the home.

3D Printied Products

Recently tied up with couple of 3D printing facilities, whatever shapes or design are required to decorate your home, we can make 3D printing model either in plastic or metal.

Live Air Plants

As the word suggest AIR PLANTS get the majority of their nutrients from the air itself and they do not grow big so it’s very good option for decorating the home at negligible maintenance.

Leather Tiles

This is new development in interior designing material industry it' amazingly beautiful and creates a dramatic impact in any space and most of these are acoustical, flexible and inherently flameproof. These can be easily pasted on most of the surfaces to create seamless wall effect and few can be used even on curved surfaces and columns. Its premium pad offers a super luxurious feather touch and exceptional resiliency. It offers unlimited design combinations by mixing sizes, shapes, colours etc. Very quick to install and not so expensive as well.

Coco Panels, Glass Mosaics, Metal Mosaics

Coco mosaics or coco panels are handmade and highly eco-friendly decorative durable wall coverings made from the waste shells of Indonesian coconuts. These panel are lightweight, durable and easy to install. These panels offer a 3D effect along with a warm and exotic look and feel.

In addition to coco panels we have few more exclusive decorative highlighters items like glass mosaics, metal mosaics which are very durable and classy.

Profile Lighting

Lighting plays highly important role in interior designing project we have various types of lighting systems available and recently we added one further i.e. profile lights these lights can be customized as per the size required and even the width can be customized as per the illumination required.

PVC Ceiling And Wall Panels

We have recently tied up with one Taiwanese manufacture that manufacture very high quality PVC panels which have designs like wood, grooved pine wood and many more designer patterns, these panels can be fitted on ceiling or walls to create beautiful patterns which are highly durable and elegant.

Imported Glass Shutter Sliding Systems

Now a days many of our clients are preferring full height up to the ceiling wardrobes, we have tied up with Russian manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing such large wardrobe door / shutters in anodised aluminium very heavy durable extrusions those are imported from Russia, there are multiple extrusion shades available like gold, white, pearls, black etc. which can be selected as per the interior of the room.

Customized Carpets

We have tied up few expert carpet makers which can customize the carpet designs and colours and material as per the interior theme of the apartment.

Home Automation

With the advancement of smart phones, now a days many clients are interested in SMART HOME automation system, smart home system will control entertainment systems, complete lighting, climate and home appliances. One can also include home security functionalities such as access control and alarm systems. Even the kitchen can be connected through the smart system using Voice control devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home or few mobile applications to manage coffee machines, ovens and fridge.

Golden metal PVD coated furniture.

PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating, commonly referred as coating with thin-film, is the latest introduction in furniture industry across the globe, especially for premium furniture, in this process solid material is vaporized in a vacuum and deposited onto the surface of product may be glass or metal, especially high-grade stainless steel. We have tied up with several PVD coating agencies across India that enables us to create complex metal structures which can be used in dining tables, centre tables, chairs, foyer console units etc. There are various types of PVD coating colour options are available like pure gold, rose gold, copper, dark blue etc.

Decorative Wall and Ceiling Louvers

Wall or Ceiling louvers are the latest addition in the interiors, those are especially made with PVC or charcoal material. Now a days wall or ceiling louvers are considered as the quick and cheaper replacement for expensive wooden rafter or battens, it takes lot of time if one tries to make plywood or wooden battens manually and that involves lot of labour and the result would be highly expensive product. So modern louvers is the most preferred option, that can also be customized, those can be digitally printed to create natural scenes.