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MDF vs Particle board vs Plywood vs Black Board

MDF advantages

Mostly cheaper as compared to plywood.

We get smooth surface without any hard knots or holes and suitable for pasting laminates or even surface can be directly painted by using right primer.

Most of the MDF is calibrated i.e. uniform thickness across the sheet so carpentry is easy and edges are quite smooth so don�t leave any voids on the edges.

Good material to make decorative edges by using routing tools and best material to cut out designer or decorative jalis / nets for partitions etc.

MDF disadvantages

MDF is just particle board pressed under more pressure and temperature, just a glorified version of particle board.

Regular MDF is not water resistant, rather it soaks water quite easily when it comes in contact, thus it needs to be sealed on edges properly especially with edge bands.

Screw holding capacity of MDF is quite less as compared to plywood, as it is made with fine particles and stripping of screw holes is quite common in case of MDF.

Always need helper while working on MDF, these sheets are quite denser and thus heavy.

As there are very fine particles used in MDF manufacturing they are harmful for workers, care shall be taken to avoid inhaling of those particles and it contains UREA as well.

Plywood advantages

Owing to multiple layers of wood veneers with the direction of grain running a different direction alternately, it�s a very strong infrastructure material.

Naturally plywood is quite water resistant as compared to MDF and particle boards, and this can be made completely waterproof even, especially when the marine applications are needed.

Plywood is easily stainable, its perfect material for kitchen cabinets, table tops, and for any other projects in which you need a large wood surface for staining.

The Best Screw holding strength is offered by plywood among all these panel options.

Quite economical if compared with wood at the same time offer very good strength and durability.

Plywood Disadvantages

It is the costliest panel item in carpentry field.

After cutting plywood edges doesnt give smooth finish, so always need to use edge band or lipping to get the smooth product finish.

Fine designs engraving is almost impossible on plywood surface.

As the surface of plywood is rough, there is need of pasting laminates for any application that makes it more costly and time consuming carpentry item.

Particle board advantages

It�s very light weight material, furniture made with particle board are very lightweight and very suitable for modular furniture.

One of the cheapest material in furniture industry

Available in pre-laminated format in various colours and textures

Particle board Disadvantages

Very low strength product

Not suitable for heavy furniture

May be good for office use where the usage is limited