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At DecorMyPlace we have long term contracts with most of manufacturing companies to source the genuine high quality raw material directly, this avoids the chance of getting duplicate material. Market is flooded with duplicate plywood, hardware…

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Transparency is part of our mission, we have broken down furniture units in to various components like carcass, shutters, hardware, handles, glass etc, this will help you to…

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Amongst everything we offer, the best thing is the peace of mind we promise you. Our sales team is equipped with professional measuring devices, tools and samples to provide you detailed product and services specs.We…

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We are one of those few companies that provides warranty for complete project work for longer duration. We may be the only company in INDIA, that offers guarantee against BENDING / WARPING of the wardrobe doors and-laminate…

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Why us

How to select the best interior designer

What is the duration of presence of interior designer in the town?

One of the recommended parameters for the selection of interior designer is to understand their presence in your city, longer the duration of presence in the market better would be the stability of the organization, their knowledge about local weather, local vendors would definitely add value to your interior project and moreover longer duration presence can give surety of long term service for any project related issues. Thus the duration of presence of interior designer in your city is going to be one of the most important parameters to get the right answer to your query How to select the best interior designer? Longer duration will also ensure that your interior designers will have contacts with various suppliers in town and may lead to some savings during purchasing of the raw material.

Types of the projects executed by the designers?

In order to seek the professional approach how to select the best interior designer, one must look for the designers which have done the similar project what you wish to offer them, there are various types of interior designing companies, few are experts in residential and few in commercials projects. Even in residential there are various players like few focus on apartments and flats and few on Bungalows and Villas. If yours is the apartment to be designed, then go with the similar designers having vast experience, which would surely yield better results. We will also recommend you to visit at least couple of projects done by your designers in recent time and if possible talk to designers who were part of that project so that you can understand the insight of the project.  

Multiple Reviews evaluation

The answer to how to select the best interior designer can be further simplified with the help of reviews of various interior designers available online, in today’s world getting the reviews for the company is quite possible, there are reviews available on google, Facebook, some local classified search engines like JUSTDIAL etc. Better reviews is indicator of better and professional services from the designing company.


Higher the purchasing power, lower will be the cost of procurement this is applicable in case of interior designing as well, the companies which execute multiple projects may have bigger purchasing power and can reduce the cost of project for you. We have observed that many companies buy ply, laminates, hardware at very bulk quantities and can pass on the discounts to their clients. While finding out the answer for how to select the best interior designer in town, on must keep in mind the purchasing capacity of the interior designing company.

Material selection facility or material lounge

Material selection is the prime requirement of any interior project, we will recommend you to select the designing company which has material lounge within the organization, in any project there is need of selection of various types of material like laminates, veneers, glass, handles, highlighters etc. so availability of material studio is one of the vital factors while answering how to select the best interior designers.

What We Offer

Our team visits premises, understands your detailed requirement and make a budgetary estimation in tabular format for carpentry, false ceiling, electrification, etc. it’s absolutely free.


We buy in bulk, we are registered as an OEM with many manufacturers, thus the cost of procurement is lesser and we pass on this bulk buying benefits to clients.


In-house material studio for laminates, veneers, stones, hardware, wallpapers, fabric reduces material selection time almost by 75% and avoid the hassle of traveling.


As we work on fixed price structure, you absolutely need not worry about the wastage of material, our stringent technical checks make wastage almost impossible.


Creativity is the most important virtue of the whole project, designers always offer stylish designs using various shapes, materials, colours. Admiration is guaranteed.


Carpentry, electrification, plumbing, false ceiling, masonry, solid wood works, painting, fabrication etc. all under one roof, seamless co-ordination with all the vendors.

Our Working process


Idea, Design & Drawing

Interior theme selection, sharing of reference images, 3D and working drawing drafting


Specs & Materials

Decision on various interior material like laminates, veneers, metal strips, glasses, shades, paints, fabrics selections



Material procurement and deployment of masons, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painter etc..

What Makes You Choose decorMyPlace at Your First Glance

What Makes you Choose

Availability of large team of Creative Designers

One of the most important requirement of any interior project is the skilled and experienced designers one must give highest importance to this factor when trying to get the answers for the how to select the best interior designers. We will recommend to select the interior designing firm having at least team for 5-6 interior designers so that there is no dependency on one single resource in case of emergency.

Possibility of all the services under one roof

Any interior project involves multiple activities like demolition, electrification, plumbing, tiling, granite fitting, fabrication, carpentry, glass works, masonry, upholstery, sound consultants, windows maker, water proofing expert and list is un ending. There is need of proper and timely co-ordination among all these agencies in order to execute the project in time and without errors, else agencies may pass the buck to other agencies and ultimately you as client may suffer. We always recommend you to keep this parameter while thinking of how to select the best interior designer in town. One shall thoroughly discuss with interior designing company if they have all the relevant agencies at their disposal else delay, errors, chaos and dissatisfaction may be the outcome of the project.

Warranty for long duration

Yes this is true, there is need of warranty for interior projects and now a days few new age interior designing companies have started extending warranty up to 4-5 yrs for the project works. As an interior designing is customized project there is need of maintenance for the furniture especially for hardware in long run. In any project there are multiple pieces of furniture and there are various types of hardware like hinges, drawer slides, sliding systems for wardrobe, uplift systems for wall cabinets, bed fittings, sofa mechanism, kitchen corners, roller shutters and many more advanced fittings over period of time, their setting changes and there is need of some corrections thus having warranty for the project is always recommended to have peace of mind. In short, warranty plays crucial role when you try to seek the answer for how to select the best interior designer in town.

Factory or workshop

Interior project is onsite and offshore works, this approach can reduce the time required for executing the project, many interior companies have their carpentry workshops or factory this can increase the speed of execution of the project and you may get the handover of the property little early. In some cases like kitchen etc, there is need of special facility like edge band fitting to improve the finishing of the shutters, we will recommend to find out the interior company which has this type of facility so that speed and finishing can be enhanced. Now a days various modern machineries are available in market like panel cutting, laminate pressing, edge banding, boring machine, bench drills and many more, with these machines your interior partner can surely enhance the beauty of your project.

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