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At DecorMyPlace we have long term contracts with most of manufacturing companies to source the genuine high quality raw material directly, this avoids the chance of getting duplicate material. Market is flooded with duplicate plywood, hardware…

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Transparency is part of our mission, we have broken down furniture units in to various components like carcass, shutters, hardware, handles, glass etc, this will help you to…

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Amongst everything we offer, the best thing is the peace of mind we promise you. Our sales team is equipped with professional measuring devices, tools and samples to provide you detailed product and services specs.We…

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We are one of those few companies that provides warranty for complete project work for longer duration. We may be the only company in INDIA, that offers guarantee against BENDING / WARPING of the wardrobe doors and-laminate…

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Why Us



We are gazing at each design opportunity as a possibility. Our team decided to bring the best according to the individual lifestyle.

We customise to make it unique.

Each and every avant-garde piece of furniture is designed by our best interiors designers’ team based on different types of clients and their preferences. Apart from these, you can have your tailor-made joineries and other decors according to your home style, surrounding ambience, trending style and of course within the given budget. The greatest part of hiring the best interior designers in Pune is you can discuss every criterion of the textile, furniture, upholstery, decoration according to your lifestyle. It is our responsibility to make flexible designs that accommodate to your standard of living.

As we appoint the first-rate interior designing professional, you can ask for any type and style to make your place stunning. The designers help choose the perfect fabric, furnishing, style or finish at a reasonable budget.

We have that much skill and expertise to make the products bespoke only for you. Our professional network is full of trusted furniture artists, highly experienced tiles and marble fitters, cabinet makers along with accomplished tradesmen. We are always up for making high-quality tailor-made designs.

We Bring Beauty at Its Zenith

We put lots of effort to understand our client’s detailed expectations and love to create masterpieces for them. We appoint from our team the best interior designers to think creatively about the hope and happiness of our clients. We execute the finest designs based on the clients’ choice and professional ideas. One of the important virtues of the best interior designer is to look after the purpose, requirements, surrounding ambience and budget of the homeowners.

We Work In A Squad

We assure regular communication between the interior designer’s team and the clients. In fact, we believe that working in tandem makes it better. We value your choice; therefore, we recruit interior designers from the top-rated interior designing colleges. Each of them serves their best to satisfy your aesthetics and functionalities needs.

Quality Commitment

Materials that we use at decorMyPlace in making furniture and upholstery are branded and of high quality commensurate with the pricing of the end product. Also, the tradesmen working with us are a well-known player in this industry. We never mind walking the extra miles to supply guaranteed products to our clients. We believe in hard work, commitment, and trust and that has been appreciated by many of our clients making us the best interior designers in Pune, Mumbai and many other cities in India by giving highest positive ratings. Almost every time we deliver within scheduled time and client-specified budget. At decorMyPlace, we follow all the parameters prescribed by ISO procedures that help us avoid errors during the execution, being the best interior designers, decorMyPlace team is bound to offer error free designs.

How Do the Interior Designers From decorMyPlace Play with Space?

According to the best interior designers’ principle of designing, smart space planning plays a vital role in making the room comfortable as well as eye catchy. Smart interior designing is not having a lot of stuff to show but the right assessment to put things in proper place. Both in creating and remodelling they stress on these factors-

Attic Design

Are you tired of watching the empty spaces on the rooftop? We at decorMyPlace take care of every corner of your home. Team decorMyPlace, probably the best interior designers in Pune can easily turn the vacant attic into a functional storage space, with the right arrangement of furniture and decor, they transfer the attic into alternative leisure.


We are renowned for our transparent pricing, we provide you with a clear and itemised list of cost, including any additional fees or charges these allows you to understand exactly what you are paying for. Our proposal has all the details of material specs, hardware specs, electrical, lighting expenses and no hidden cost. We are always open for in depth pricing discussion and addressing any questions or concerns you may have our sales team is willing to provide clarification and explanation regarding the pricing structure. There are several google reviews available on google maps, our clients have appreciated us for our transparent pricing mechanism.


Has anyone asked for 100 percent payment before getting furniture fixed in your apartment?

Yes, there are few companies those ask for 100 percent payment before client even seeing the actual furniture in their apartment.

At decorMyPlace, we strictly go with milestone-based payments, we have worked out payment structure where payments are made at various stages or milestones throughout the project. Rather than paying a lump sum upfront, payments are always tied to specific milestones being achieved. At every step of project, we invite client to come onsite check the quality of work and progress of work and then ask for the payment for next phase. We at decorMyPlace believe to have a clearly defined payment schedule and milestones to ensure transparency and accountability for both parties involved.


Team decorMyPlace is proud of successfully completing a wide range of projects, including different styles, sizes, and budgets. This clearly explains the number of challenges we might have encountered during execution, while designing different preferences, and managing client expectations, this wide experience has honed our ability to find creative solutions and cater to diverse needs. Our breadth of experience equips our team with the capability to handle any project with confidence and finesse, past extensive experience helped us gain a deep understanding of potential pitfalls and how to navigate them effectively. Team decorMyPlace has encountered and overcome common issues such as space constraint budget limitations, and tight deadlines. Last few years’ experiences in thousands of interior projects have allowed our business to refine and optimize its processes, leading to improved efficiency and time management.

Collective experience has contributed to consistently meeting and surpassing client expectations, experience gained has provided team decorMyPlace with a deep understanding of design trends, materials, and technology. This vast experience and knowledge allow team decorMyPlace to offer innovative and cutting-edge design solutions that align with current market demands and our ability to stay ahead of industry trends ensures that you receive modern, stylish, and forward-thinking interior designs for your dream home.



"Your long duration warranty is a testament to the quality and reliability of your products and services, we experienced you stood behind your craftsmanship, giving us THE PEACE OF MIND, we deserve." These are the kind words of our client Mr. Nitin Bhosale, this means a lot for team decorMyPlace.

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional post-project handover support. We take utmost care during execution to avoid any maintenance issues post-delivery, our long duration warranty comes with dedicated customer service team to handle your needs promptly and efficiently.


With our long duration warranty, you can enjoy your interiors worry-free, knowing that you're protected against any unexpected issues that may arise. Our long duration warranty not only protects your investment but also helps extend the lifespan of your product considerably. With our dedicated service team, you can enjoy your purchase for years to come.


We are one of the first companies in India that has devised concept of MATERIAL STUDIO, Materials have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of an interior space. The material selection facility allows designers and our clients to explore and choose from a wide range of options in terms of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes for various types of materials like laminates, veneers, granites etc. The material selection facility helps our clients to choose materials for different elements within a space complement each other and maintain design coherence. By examining various options and considering factors such as color schemes, textures, and patterns, designers can create a cohesive and well-balanced interior design scheme. The material selection facility provides our clients with the ability to compare prices and evaluate the cost implications of different material choices. By considering the project's budget constraints, designers can make informed decisions that strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.


The primary concern in the housing sector, is the increasing unaffordability especially in the urban areas. Rapid urbanization, population growth, and limited land availability have led to an imbalance between supply and demand, driving up property prices.

In metros the cost of per square feet carpet area is sky rocketing, in the cities like Mumbai it has reached up to 20-30K per sq. ft., to tackle this challenge we introduced space saving furniture in India, we have started importing European fittings for various space saving furniture applications like Murphy / wall bed, folding study tables etc.

Space-saving furniture refers to furniture pieces that are designed to maximize the use of limited carpet area especially in small apartments. These types of furniture are specifically created to provide functionality and utility while occupying minimal floor area. They are often used in apartments, small homes, and compact living spaces where optimizing space is essential.

They offer quite an innovative designs and smart functionalities to make the most of limited living spaces while maintaining overall comfort and style.


We as decorMyPlace team is committed to creating spaces that enhance people's well-being and quality of life. We are always enthusiastic for exploring new design trends and staying updated with the latest innovations in the industry. At decorMyPlace, team has been trained to listen to clients, understand their needs, and translate their vision into reality. Communication skills and empathy are essential attributes that demonstrate our commitment to delivering exceptional results that align with clients' desires and aspirations.

With a deep understanding of our clients' vision and needs, we are passionately committed to delivering personalized and innovative interior solutions… Winner of Industry Leaders Awards for Most Innovative Interiors Company 2023.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake. From concept to completion, we strive for nothing less than perfection.

With a client-centric approach at the heart of our service, we are dedicated to ensuring that each design experience is seamless, enjoyable, and exceeds their expectations.

The commitment of our skilled interior professionals shines through in every detail, ensuring that each space is thoughtfully curated, functional, and timeless.


Having a very large network of contractors and in-house workmen is bringing us the several benefits. Here are some advantages:

Diverse Skill Set: A large network allows access to a wide range of skilled contractors and workmen, each specialized in different areas of interior design. This diversity ensures that the decorMyPlace team can handle various types of projects and meet client requirements more effectively.

Enhanced Efficiency: With our large network, we can quickly mobilize resources and respond to projects demands promptly. It reduces the turnaround time for project completion, ensuring efficient workflow and client satisfaction.

Flexibility and Adaptability: A large network provides flexibility in terms of workforce allocation. We are in position to easily scale up or down based on project requirements, without compromising quality or timeline. It allows for better adaptability to market fluctuations and varying project sizes.

Competitive Pricing: A vast network of contractors and workmen creates a healthy competition among the available resources. This competition helps us drive down the costs by allowing us to negotiate competitive rates, resulting in cost-effective solutions for clients.

Quality Assurance: By having a rigorous vetting process for contractors and workmen, we can maintain high quality standards. A large network allows for selecting the most skilled and experienced professionals from different fields, ensuring superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Extended Expertise: Different projects may require specific expertise or niche skills. A large network enables the business to tap into a pool of specialized contractors or workmen who excel in those areas. This ensures that unique design requirements can be met efficiently and with precision.


Experienced project managers who understand the right quality deliverables is the great asset that we have. Here are some benefits they bring:

Efficient Project Planning and Execution: Our experienced project managers have a deep understanding of the entire project lifecycle. They are trained to develop comprehensive project plans, including timelines, resource allocation, and budget management. Their expertise ensures smooth project execution, minimizing delays and post execution issues.

Quality Control: Project managers with training and experience understood the importance of delivering high-quality results. They have a keen eye for detail and can set clear quality standards in front of contractors for deliverables. By closely monitoring the work progress and conducting thorough inspection in accordance with our check list, they ensure that all design elements and installations meet the required quality benchmarks.

Risk Management: Overseeing interior design projects involves various types of risks, such as material delays, last moment design changes, or unforeseen issues during execution. Experienced project managers are skilled at identifying potential risks and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies. Their proactive approach helps minimize disruptions and keeps projects on track.

Effective Communication: Right communication is vital in any interiors project, and experienced project managers excel in this area. They act as a central point of contact for all stakeholders, including clients, contractors, suppliers, and designers. Their clear and timely communication ensures that everyone is aligned on project goals, milestones, and expectations, leading to better collaboration and customer satisfaction.

Cost Control: Our seasoned project managers understand the importance of managing project costs effectively. They closely monitor budgets, negotiate well with various agencies like transportation agencies etc. and identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising quality. Their financial acumen helps to ensure projects stay within the allocated budget.

Time Management: Meeting project deadlines is crucial in the interior design business. Experienced project managers are skilled at creating realistic project schedules, considering all dependencies and constraints. They monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and take necessary actions to keep the project on schedule. Their expertise helps avoid unnecessary delays and keeps clients satisfied.

Client Satisfaction: Ultimately, experienced project managers strive for client satisfaction. They work closely with clients to explain them the progress, challenges to manage their expectations. By ensuring that the right quality deliverables are met, project managers create an environment where clients feel valued, resulting in positive feedback.

In summary, decorMyPlace experienced project managers have been trained for right quality deliverables with efficiency, effective communication, trained for controlling cost, and overall customer satisfaction. Their expertise played a vital role in successful project completion and the overall reputation of decorMyPlace as successful Interiors delivery company.


In summary, our tie ups with experienced agencies in the interiors business brought us numerous benefits, including access to expertise and specialization, a wider network, enhanced creativity and design solutions, efficient project management, industry insights and increased efficiency and cost savings. These partnerships are contributing to the growth and success by leveraging the knowledge, resources, and reputation of experienced agencies.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnerships with reputed brands in the interiors business provides several benefits for us as well as to our clients. Here are some advantages of such partnerships:

Quality Assurance: Partnering with reputable brands as an OEM ensures access to high-quality products and components without going through distribution and dealers that reduces the chances of any old stock. These brands have established themselves as leaders in the industry by maintaining strict quality control standards. By using OEM parts from renowned brands, we can uphold our commitment to delivering superior quality products and services to customers.

Brand Reputation and Trust: Collaboration with reputed brands has helped us to enhance the credibility and reputation of our brand decorMyPlace. The association with well-known brands not only instils confidence in our customers but also helped us to attract many potential clients who value trusted names. It has strengthened the customer trust and loyalty.

Technology and Innovation: Reputed brands often invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of market trends and introduce innovative solutions. Through OEM partnerships, we could leverage the technological advancements and product innovations offered by these brands. This allows us to provide customers with cutting-edge and innovative interior solutions that meets evolving market demands.

Access to Expertise and Support: Partnering with reputable brands provides access to their expertise and complete support systems. OEMs mostly offer technical assistance, training, and after-sales support to their partners, this is invaluable especially when it comes to complex installations or troubleshooting issues. Having the backing of a reputed brand always ensures access to expert guidance and resources whenever needed, this was highly helpful during covid when very few people were available in market.

Competitive Edge: Collaborating with well-established brands has set us apart from our competitors. Being an OEM partner with reputed brands has differentiated us in this crowded market. Customers are preferring us as our solution and services are backed by trusted brands, giving the business a competitive edge.


Bulk buying offers us several advantages, at any point of time we have several projects going on in multiple cities so BULK BUYING is very much possible, many vendors and manufacturers have come front to do business with us, some key benefits of engaging in bulk buying:

Cost Savings: One of the primary advantages of bulk buying is the opportunity to save costs and to optimise the prices of our interior solution. When purchasing materials, furnishings, or decorative items in large quantities, suppliers often provide discounted rates, thus our clients get prices advantage most of the times, for the same technical specifications our quotes are generally 8-15 percent lesser than most of the interiors companies around.

Streamlined Supply Chain – No interruption in execution: Bulk buying allows us to streamline our supply chain operations, we make ensure a steady and consistent supply of raw material during the execution phase.

Project Consistency: Bulk buying and long-term buying contracts ensures that the business has access to the same materials, finishes, or furnishings for quite long time during multiple projects. This consistency helps create a cohesive and uniform design aesthetic, which is often valued by our clients.

Flexibility and Inventory Management: By having a regular larger stock of materials at our warehouse, decorMyPlace team can quickly respond to client demands and handle changes in project requirements. We have experienced that this flexibility reduces the lead time between design approval and project execution, allowing us an efficient project management and always meeting the deadlines which is non-negotiable.

Cost-effective customization: Some of our suppliers offer customization options as we give them bulk orders, that opens the opportunity to source tailor made products as per our specific requirements. This can include customized finishes, colours, or sizes etc. This allows decorMyPlace to offer personalized solutions to clients while minimizing the expenses. There are quite a few examples of customized product sourcing like 10ft long boards for floor to ceiling panelling, customized aluminium pipes for door reinforcement and many more such products.

What We Offer

Our team visits premises, understands your detailed requirement and make a budgetary estimation for carpentry, false ceiling, electrification, etc. it’s absolutely free.


We buy in bulk, we are registered as an OEM with many manufacturers, thus the cost of procurement is lesser and we pass on this bulk buying benefits to clients.


In-house material studio for laminates, veneers, stones, hardware, wallpapers, fabric reduces material selection time almost by 75% and avoid the hassle of traveling.


As we work on fixed price structure, you absolutely need not worry about the wastage of material, our stringent technical checks make wastage almost impossible.


Creativity is the most important virtue of the whole project, designers always offer stylish designs using various shapes, materials, colours. Admiration is guaranteed.


Carpentry, electrification, plumbing, false ceiling, masonry, solid wood works, painting, fabrication etc. all under one roof, seamless co-ordination with all the vendors.

Our Working process

Idea, Design & Drawing

Interior theme selection, sharing of reference images, 3D models making, rendering and working drawing drafting

Specs & Materials

Decision on various interior material like laminates, veneers, metal strips, glasses, shades, paints, fabrics selections


Material procurement and deployment of masons, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painter etc..




One of the recommended parameters for the selection of interior designer is to understand their duration of presence in your city, longer the presence in the local market better would be the stability of the organization in that city, their knowledge about local weather, local vendors would add value to your interior project and moreover longer duration presence can give surety of long-term service for any project related issues. Thus, the duration of presence of interior designer in your city is going to be one of the most important parameters to get the right answer to your query How to select the best interior designer? Longer duration also ensures that your interior designers will have contacts with various suppliers like lighting, upholstery, loose furniture etc and may lead to some savings.


To seek the professional approach how to select the best interior designer, one must look for the designers which have done the similar project what you wish to offer them, there are various types of interior designing companies, few are experts in residential and few in commercials projects. Even in residential there are various players like few focus on apartments and flats and few on Bungalows and Villas. If yours is the apartment to be designed, then go with the similar designers having vast experience, which would surely yield better results. We will also recommend you visit at least couple of projects done by your designers in recent time and if possible, talk to designers who were part of that project so that you can understand the insight of the project.


One of the most important requirement of any interior project is the skilled and experienced designers one must give highest importance to this factor when trying to get the answers for the how to select the best interior designers. We will recommend selecting the interior designing firm having at least team for 5-6 interior designers so that there is no dependency on one single resource in case of emergency.


Material selection is the prime requirement of any interior project, we will recommend you select the designing company that has Interior Material Lounge within the organization, in any project there is need of selection of various types of material like laminates, veneers, glass, handles, highlighters etc. so availability of material studio is one of the vital factors while answering how to select the best interior designers.


Any interior project involves multiple activities like demolition, electrification, plumbing, tiling, granite fitting, fabrication, carpentry, glass works, masonry, upholstery, sound consultants, windows maker, water proofing expert and list is un ending. There is need of proper and timely co-ordination among all these agencies in order to execute the project in time and without errors, else agencies may pass the buck to other agencies and ultimately you as client may suffer. We always recommend you to keep this parameter while thinking of how to select the best interior designer in town. One shall thoroughly discuss with interior designing company if they have all the relevant agencies at their disposal else delay, errors, chaos, and dissatisfaction may be the outcome of the project.


The answer to how to select the best interior designer can be further simplified with the help of reviews of various interior designers available online, in today’s world getting the service reviews for the company is quite possible, there are reviews available on google, Facebook, some local classified search engines like JUSTDIAL etc. Better reviews are indicator of better and professional services from the designing company.

Check the overall rating: Look at the overall rating of the business, which is usually displayed as a star rating out of 5. This gives you a general idea of the business's reputation.

Read a variety of reviews: Take the time to read a range of reviews, both positive and negative. This will give you a balanced perspective on the business and its offerings.

Look for common themes: Identify common themes or topics mentioned in the reviews. Pay attention to aspects like customer service, product quality, pricing, delivery time, or any other factors that are important to you.

Consider the number of reviews: Take into account the number of reviews a business has received. A larger sample size generally provides a more accurate representation of customer experiences.

Assess sentiment: Pay attention to the sentiment of the reviews. Determine whether the majority of reviews are positive, negative, or neutral. This can give you an overall sense of customer satisfaction. Rather, focus more on the negative reviews to check if there is any specific pattern, that might give insight.

Evaluate credibility: Consider the credibility of the reviewers. Look for verified purchases or indications that the reviewer has used the service or product. Careful reading of the reviews will sure give you an idea of credibility of reviews.

Compare with competitors: Once 2-3 prospective designing companies are chosen, compare ratings and reviews of these companies to make a more informed decision.

Consider your own preferences: Finally remember that everyone's preferences and expectations may differ with individuals and situations. Consider your own priorities and requirements when interpreting the reviews.

Make a decision: Based on your detailed analysis of the reviews, weigh the pros and cons of all the prospective partners and make a decision that aligns with your needs and preferences.


Yes, this is true, there is need of warranty for interior projects and now a days few new age interiors designing companies have started extending warranty up to 5-10 yrs for the project works. As an interior designing is customized project there is need of maintenance for the furniture especially for hardware in long run. In any project there are multiple pieces of furniture and there are various types of hardware like hinges, drawer slides, sliding systems for wardrobe, uplift systems for wall cabinets, bed fittings, sofa mechanism, kitchen corners, roller shutters and many more advanced fittings over period of time, their setting changes and there is need of some corrections thus having warranty for the project is always recommended to have peace of mind. In short, warranty plays crucial role when you try to seek the answer for how to select the best interior designer in town.


Interior project is onsite and offshore works, this approach can reduce the time required for executing the project, many interior companies have their carpentry workshops or factory this can increase the speed of execution of the project and you may get the handover of the property little early. In some cases like kitchen etc, there is need of special facility like edge band fitting to improve the finishing of the shutters, we will recommend to find out the interior company which has this type of facility so that speed and finishing can be enhanced. Now a days various modern machineries are available in market like panel cutting, laminate pressing, edge banding, boring machine, bench drills and many more, with these machines your interior partner can surely enhance the beauty of your project.

In any interior designing project, there is need of both approaches’ machinery as well as manual carpentry, customized shapes, patterns etc are not possible in modular furniture, so higher the level of designing customization more will be the requirement of manual skilled carpentry.


Higher the purchasing power, lower will be the cost of procurement this is applicable in case of interior designing as well, the companies which execute multiple projects may have bigger purchasing power and can reduce the cost of project for you. We have observed that many companies buy ply, laminates, hardware at very bulk quantities and can pass on the discounts to their clients. While finding out the answer for how to select the best interior designer in town, on must keep in mind the purchasing capacity of the interior designing company.

Why People Choose Us
  • Experience of 2000 + Projects
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Probably The Largest Designing Team

Experienced Team

Team has handled several complex renovation and new apartment interior projects

Guaranteed Quality Work

We follow ISO processes, with several quality check we ensure quality output

Free Consultation

Without any charges we go through the layouts and provide the budgetary estimation

Reasonable Price

Probably the lowest prices in town for the specs and quality of the material we use and warranty we provide

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