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INTERIOR DESIGNERS in Mahalunge, Hinjawadi, Hinjewadi Pune

What decorMyPlace offers for Mahalunge CLIENTS?

An Interior Designer is somebody who works with a client to make tastefully useful spaces, at decorMyPlace, each Designer's center is to plan a spot that is appealing, utilitarian and safe. Group decorMyPlace, has satisfied the assumptions of the many clients from Mahalunge Pune by offering practical furniture arrangements, various ranges, lighting, and contemporary inside materials. At decorMyPlace, there is more accentuation on arranging, practical planning, and the compelling utilization of room, rather than zeroing in on embellishment. Large numbers of our clients loved these qualities of planning, making us the most favored Interior designer for Mahalunge PUNE.


We believe personalized designing is a complex process that needs quite a few experts to come together, there is a need for color sense, upholstery knowledge, hardware knowledge, knowledge of various kinds of materials, and many other senses to blend together to achieve the perfect designs, we brought these multiple experts together to create flawless designing process. Team decorMyPlace is probably the largest team of interior designers in Mahalunge PUNE.

The large pool of designers plays an important role to avoid the risk of dependence on single designer if there is any unforeseen event.

Experience in Luxury as well as budget interiors

Group decorMyPlace executed various extravagance projects like Villas, Pent houses, and duplexes in renowned projects like Kasturi Group, Raheja's, Goel Ganga, Paranjape, and so on and demonstrated our mastery in taking care of costly extravagance inside materials like Veneers, PVD covered metal plans, back-painted glass expressions, teak woodwork and so on.

We have numerous clients who were looking for budget interiors in MAHALUNGE, through our experience we have identified a lot of material that is economical but adds wonderful aesthetics.

Through our luxury and budget designs, we are fulfilling thousands of clients’ unique ways of styling and helping them embrace the true joy of luxury living.

Experience in space-saving furniture

We all are aware of skyrocketing real estate prices in Mahalunge, so space-saving furniture can unquestionably help in upgrading the use of carpet areas we have planned and created space-saving furniture like Murphy bed/divider collapsing bed, collapsing feasting table, foldable working table, foldable bar units and so forth. These fittings give the adaptability of utilizing only 10 - 15 percent space when contrasted with standard space used by conventional setup. 6 x 6.5 ft Wall collapsing bed saves more than 30 sq. ft of carpet area that is near 3 lacs Rs worth carpet area might be more if there should arise an occurrence of extravagance lofts.


Team decorMyPlace is committed to forming and delivering the perfect design solutions to each client. By working closely with clients, we constantly strive to develop customized functional solutions and transform the residence into a chic functional space that leads to lasting satisfaction for each family. Moreover, we are committed for long-duration warranty service to nurture the work we've executed, for ages to return...

Material Studio

Interiors are all about materials, patterns, and colors, which involves spending a lot of your time in SELECTION PROCESS, sometimes material selection demands several days of effort from clients and designers, initially our team wont to take clients to the crowded interior material market within the central city, but most of the clients requested to rearrange these samples at the office to save lots of their time and travel. To simplify this cumbersome process, we've founded the STATE-OF-THE-ART MATERIAL STUDIO, it's a massive collection of the latest interior materials where you will see several varieties of GRANITES, 10000 plus LAMINATE samples, VENEERS, HARDWARE, FABRICS, WALLPAPERS, PAINTS, LIGHTS, BACK PAINTED GLASSES, WALL COVERINGS, PVD COATED METALS, ALUMINIUM PROFILE SAMPLES, EDGE BANDS, AND OTHER ACCESSORIES. The material studio has facilitated the whole material selection process which saves a tremendous amount of energy and time, leading to faster project delivery. This idea of a fabric studio remains new for interior designers in Mahalunge.

Manual as well as modular carpentry options

At decorMyPlace, we've got adopted both the approaches of manual onsite carpentry additionally as modular furniture, there are clear advantages of both approaches.

We experienced manual carpentry option is best suited to designer furniture if there are grooves, glass insertions, fabric inlays, laminate combination designs, rounding of furniture corners, veneer furniture, PU paint applications, etc. On the opposite hand, modular carpentry is best suited if the furniture components are separate from every other, if there aren't any external lamination joining patterns and just in case there's no space available for carpentry work onsite. Manual carpentry is adopted just in case of rafters/battens, paneling, and ceiling designs, modular approach is best suited if small independent cabinets are involved like kitchen cabinets, crockery cabinets, etc. For manual carpentry we've identified a sizable amount of carpenters mostly from Rajasthan, they need been working with us for the last several years and offering us highly finished products, for Modular furniture we've founded workshops with woodworking machines.

All Services under one roof

  • Civil work

  • We undertake quite a few civil jobs like Bathroom demolition/renovation, floorings, wall demolitions, plastering, etc. for adornment purposes we undertake masonry styling jobs like cladding, and brick-type claddings, large wall tiles for tv units, Italian marble with the assistance of adhesive chemicals or epoxy. For kitchen platforms, we use quartz of assorted brands, dado tiling, and sometimes granite platforms furthermore. Other sundry jobs like window sills, shingles, and Shera-cement sheets roofing are executed as per the client’s requirements.
  • Plumbing / electrification / Air- Conditioning

  • Electrical work in interiors involves various varieties of electrical jobs like completely new wiring for false ceiling lights, creation of recent electrical connections for wall lights, plugs/sockets, shifting of fans as per furniture layout, and an extension of existing connections, deploying of wiring for the inverter. Nowadays a lot of clients are requesting LAN WIRING in order that TVs, laptops, Alexa, and Google homes will be connected to the internet almost anywhere in the house.
  • At decorMyPlace, we have a dedicated plumbing team with several years of experience with various brands of sanitary fittings, they're experts for toilet plumbing, sink plumbing, bungalow pressure pump systems, solar water heaters, 3-phase instant water heating systems, under platform water purifiers, waste food disposal systems and a number of other plumbing jobs.
  • Nowadays, most of our clients are asking us to incorporate air-conditioning solution as a component of interiors, we want to plan air-conditioning immediately after finalization of furniture layout, while planning to air-condition we ensure there's an occasion of fixing outdoor unit, laying of drain pipe and ensure the overall cost of running piping is as low as possible.
  • Fabrication/Windows

  • In 2018, we found fabrication machines at our workshop, and now we've got complete fabrication found, under fabrication, we undertake various jobs like window Grills, terrace shades / covering in thin sheets, polycarbonate sheets, pergola fabrication, inverter racks, and a number of other fabrication jobs.
  • Especially for renovation projects clients demand windows, we've got affianced with a number of large windows manufacturers that manufacture prime quality aluminum and UPVC windows. They need the capability to supply solutions for any challenging requirements like 12 ft. high sliding windows, large bungalow facades, and sliding folding fittings for landscapes.
  • False ceiling

  • False ceilings are secondary ceilings that are hung beneath the primary slab with the assistance of metallic channels and struts. These secondary ceilings are crafted from a range of raw materials like plaster of Paris, wallboard, asbestos sheets, wallboard, aluminum panel, wood, etc. They also are referred to as dropped ceilings or suspended ceilings. The popular benefit that everybody is acquainted with is – it improves the aesthetical look and performs a function in right mild distribution, as diverse forms of lighting may be incorporated
  • Carpentry

  • Complete carpentry is undertaken as a part of interior onsite carpentry yet as a modular approach. Even woodworking experts have often arranged the asking if the project demands carving work.
  • Painting and Polishing

  • At decorMyPlace, we consider the last Interiors output is commanded through painting, it could make or damage the aesthetics of an entire project, our group indicates the styles of paint for diverse partitions thinking about more than one factor like height, and width of the partitions, furnishings aesthetics, daylight exposure, etc. With the help of professional painters, we get the paintings performed through the use of paints from reputed manufacturers. We painted with the bulk of the paint manufacturers like Asian, Dulux, Berger, Jotun, etc. as in line with the price range allocation.
  • Balcony decoration

  • Probably almost every client expects their balcony to be the extended setting of their home, we've got various options for balcony decorations like wall claddings, hanging gardens, fabricated planter stands, etc. For a few clients who have larger terraces, we've given dedicated space for barbeques, bar counters and even dedicated sink.
  • Product designing and execution

  • We crafted an ardent team of 5 designers for product designing, they need wide experience in designing luxurious loose furniture like dining tables, wing chairs, sofas, and couches. We use premium quality material in our products and people are exclusively developed as per client’s demands. In the previous few years, we've got designed and developed quite 100 exclusive products, especially with PVD coated golden material.
  • Styling

  • As an expert interior designing company, decorMyPlace involves styling as part of a project on a demand basis. An interior stylist’s job is to make sure that the tip results of the inside project are ideal this includes a significant measure of the change prior to getting to the final details to guarantee each point of your house is beautiful. That is, to make the most tastefully satisfying course of action of ancient rarities, outlines conceivable by utilizing procedures like Color Psychology, Vaastu Shastra, and so on.