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360 Degrees Interior services provider

Multiple clients in top projects in Hyderabad

Since the inception itself decorMyPlace has been recognized as the interior firm in Hyderabad with the modern outlook, with one of the largest team of designers in town, that has helped us to get the clients in various prestigious projects like Myfair Villas, myHome Abhra, myHome Bhooja, myHome Krishe and several other premium villas and row houses across Hyderabad. This kind of experience and presence in almost all the top projects has made our company an interior firm with clients in all the suburbs of Hyderabad rather restricting ourselves as just operating in specific suburb only.

Award winning Interior firm with the highest rating on JUSTDIAL

Over the past few years, we have been honored for our uniqueness, innovation, and excellence in each of our initiatives. Global excellence award by Padmashree actress MADHURI DIXIT in 2019, INTERNATIONAL FAME AWARDS by Humanitarian SONU SOOD 2021, NATIONAL ARCHITECTURE, and Interior designing EXCELLENCE AWARD 2019, recognition by CEO MAGAZINE are few of the accolades we have been honored in past few years, that gives us an immense confidence to project us as the best interior designers in Hyderabad.

Team decorMyPlace has been one of the leading interior design companies in Hyderabad. The service is incomparable, and it has earned a positive reputation from its clients from different parts of Hyderabad. This was recognized by the well-known portal Just Dial, that awarded us the certificate for providing exemplary services as the best Interior designers in Hyderabad.

The largest MATERIAL STUDIO in town

The new state-of-the-art material studio where you will see several varieties of GRANITES, 10000+ LAMINATE samples, VENEERS, HARDWARE and so on. This idea of an interior material studio remains new for interior designers in HYDERABAD. Interiors is all about choosing the right materials, colors, patterns and sometimes it can take clients several days to decide on which materials to use.

The State-of-the-Art Material Studio is an interior design resource center, carrying hundreds of interior materials to accommodate the ever-changing tastes and styles in todayís home. This one-stop shop offers a complete variety of products and accessories that can be used in any project from start to finish. You can also bring your designs directly to this studio for easy access to all the items or fabrics you require. Our team will work with you to design your dream home at our state-of-the-art material studio.

Manufacturing Unit equipped with European machines

We are a small factory which we have recently set up in Maharashtra. We have imported all of the machines from Germany to give best possible finish to our projects. This set up has been highly appreciated by clients helped us to be preferred choice of client. Simultaneously we do have manual carpentry for those who look for the designer flats to incorporate various materials like PU paints, back painted glass, louvers designs, rafters and grooves designs etc.

Interior firm with the largest team of designers in Hyderabad

During pandemic, we adopted onsite- offshore model for designing team with the help of various collaboration tools like zoom, google meet. With 50 plus interior designers those are specialized in various fields like designing, 3D making, lighting concepts, exterior designing, Vastu Shatra, upholstery and painting, tiling etc. We clearly stand among most of the Interiors companies.

Experience in Luxury as well as budget interiors

Our specialty is high end luxury and we are master of decorating spaces like Duplexes, Villas, Penthouses especially in well-known projects like myHome, myfair, Lodha etc, foray and we have demonstrated our mastery in taking care of extravagance of materials like Veneers, PVD coated metal plans, back-painted glass expressions, teak woodwork and so on.

Experience in space-saving furniture

Creating new ways to save space was one of the main reasons we started designing our space-saving furniture. We are constantly working on new products that help you to save a lot of floor area, while at the same time creating more room in your home or office. Space-saving furniture like Murphy bed/ wall collapsing bed, collapsing study table, foldable working table and so forth are good options for people who want to cut down their carpet area usage and at the same time want to expand the room space.

Absolute carpet area of 4 lacs Rs., can be saved with just minimal investment in such space saving furniture. The total carpet area saved would be 30 sq. ft, thatís the complete recovery value.


At decorMyPlace, we believe in building long-lasting relationship with each client that results in the best possible design solutions to meet their goals. We strive to develop customized functional solutions and transform the residence into a chic functional space that leads to lasting satisfaction for each family and thatís the commitment.

Manual as well as modular carpentry options

Manual as well as Modular carpentry, both have their advantages and disadvantages. This can be seen by comparing the various options of modular vs manual.

Modular carpentry is the time saving alternative for building an entire rack of kitchen cabinets. The pieces are smaller and have simpler construction with very little laminate patterns, making it easier to transport them from one site to another without damaging them. Generally this would be faster option than onsite fabrication where you need to use smaller machines, lower speed but moderate cost. Modular carpentry makes things very easy set up and disassemble a rack or cabinet depending upon your requirement.

Our skilled furniture designers can handle various types of materials, such as wood, metal and acrylics. We will use manual carpentry tools to create each piece of furniture, which takes time and skill. Our furniture looks great in any setting.

Manual carpentry is the only option when heavy rafters/battens designs, wall paneling or ceiling paneling designs are involved. Experienced carpentry contractors especially from Rajasthan have been engaged for manual carpentry, they have been working with us for multiple projects in last few years and helping us to offer premium finished products with durability.

All Services under one roof

  • Civil work

  • We execute Masonry Styling Jobs like stone cladding, brick-type claddings, large tiles / marble fixing for TV unitís backdrop. Making of quartz kitchen platform is quite common in our projects, we are associated with various brands of quartz manufacturers like AGL, Kalinga, Hafele, Hettich. In several projects we need to fabricate granite platform with sink for utility / dry balcony platforms. Making of windows sills, fixing roof shingles are executed as per the requirements.
  • Air- Conditioning/ Plumbing / electrification

  • Our electrical engineers have the expertise to work out detailed plans and get the job executed onsite. With the advances in technology, there is always a need for LAN WIRING. With the introduction of smart devices, phones and computers being connected with the internet at homes, our clients also wanted their house to be connected with the internet wirelessly. Nowadays we see a lot of clients asking for LAN WIRING services who want their house connected with the internet wirelessly.
  • The summer is here and so is the hot temperatures. With the rise in average summer temperatures air-conditioning has become integral part of our projects, whether its couple of ACs solution or complete HVAC solutions for villas, we have team ready to provide professional air-conditioning and exhaust system.
  • PEX and CPVC plumbing, sanitary and CP fitting is quite common in our projects. We do undertake complete bathroom renovation along with water proofing.
  • Fabrication/Windows

  • We can supply one point of solution with its qualitative and durable products in city areas. We undertake several fabrication jobs for our clients like terraces shades, pergola, polycarbonate roofing, window grills, inverter racks and many more...
  • False ceiling

  • False ceilings are essential parts of any good-looking design. They create an illusion of height, space and light and can be made out of a variety of materials. The light and airy appearance they create is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also makes it easier for your guests to navigate their way around your home.
  • Carpentry

  • Our wood workers are highly experienced in the manufacture of traditional and contemporary furniture. Whether its frames for wardrobes, wash basins, drawers or benches, we have a design team that is prepared to take on any challenge. If a project has a specific requirement for wooden carving work, our team can also help you achieve this dream effect.
  • Polishing and Painting

  • Interior design is a highly specialist area and it involves right combination of material, placements, sizes, shapes, patterns, and wall surfaces. While we discuss what color your walls shall be, we talk about how those shall be painted? Matt, glossy or texture paint, water based, or oil based so many questions need to be raised and answers need to be found. If correct painting is not applied your walls may lack the vibrancy or may be detraction from the design planned for.
  • While planning painting schema, our professional interior designers consider budget, color and luxury preferences. Itís always challenging to create new schema for the ambiance or rooms. Our team decorMyPlace believes that the result of a project is commanded by right painting. It could make or break the whole aesthetics of an interior project. Our group suggests different types of paint like texture paints, stencils work etc considering over factors like light exposure, height, width and furnishing aesthetics etc. Professional painters with vast experience are deployed on the job and branded material from Dulux, Asian etc are supplied.
  • Balcony decoration

  • Book an appointment now. We understand that your balcony is a special place in your home, and we want to design the perfect furniture solutions for you. Our expert interior designers will work with you to determine which parts of your balcony are best suited for seating, reading materials or barbeques. Whether you have a large terrace or just a few steps along the walkway, our planning services can help you find the right pieces of furniture to fit your style and lifestyle.
  • Product designing and execution

  • Our mission is to provide luxurious, professionally designed spaces that exceed your expectations. DecorMyPlace, our team designed and developed 100+ exclusive customized products in our various projects those are PVD coated golden metal partitions, wooden exotic furniture pieces. With experience of over more than 1500 projects in this field and passion for luxury interior design, we cater to every demand of our customers from around the world."
  • Styling

  • Interior design is an important aspect of your home dťcor. It can add value to your property and make it a good investment. Right placements of artifacts, Color Psychology, Vaastu Shastra and so on, is the part of styling. Perfect results are assured with dedicated styling team at decorMyPlace. We commit to craft a stunning interior for your home that is inspired by your lifestyle and values. Your interior design needs are met - from initial consultation to final decorative touches. Discover how they can create the perfect atmosphere for you and your family with our commitment to excellence, outstanding service, and cost-effective pricing.

Modern carpentry manufacturing Unit

At decorMyPlace we are not just one of the Interior designing companies in Hyderabad, but a team of experts in the field of furniture designing and finishing. We have been continuously focusing on improving the overall finishing of every piece of furniture that we install, to set up the carpentry workshop was one of the initiatives for improvement of furniture finishing. Our carpentry workshop is equipped with Alterndorf, Homag, Elgi world leader brads, and these are the best of the machines like in the market for carpentry. Few other machines are edge banding, compressors, dryers, paint sprays etc. This investment has surely resulted into better clientís satisfaction making us the best Interior designing company in Hyderabad market today.