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decorMyPlace as residential interior designers in Vile Parle coordinate the interiors of houses and we know it is very different than designing a commercial hub. Interior designing is everything about balancing function and aesthetic, therefore it is essential to consider the primary function of a residence as people live there. It means residential design needs to be comfortable, usable and practical.

decorMyPlace is a highly recognized as interior design firm in Vile Parle with experience and expertise is residential designs, commercial designs and apartment designs. Being the old company, our organization is recognized for its business and different variety of innovative solutions those impeccably blend aesthetic and functional needs. Our interiors are a product of engineering and design.

Availing the services of top designers whose passion for incomparable designs, we make wonders in interiors for you with a dreamlike design, creating a house beyond the boundary. With personal attention to your likes and dislikes, we take consideration of every detailing to provide end to end home interior design service in Vile Parle.

Top on JUST DIAL ratings

Online presence is essential for any business to have better accessibility among for clients, so we listed our services on JUSTDIAL, our services soon got accepted and appreciated by many customers in short span of time and they reviewed us the best services provider and brought us on top in JUST DIAL ratings. Our interior design company in Vile Parle works on everything from redesigning to interior decorating and custom pieces. We, out of our experience of several projects design perfect looking homes for our clients those are full of aesthetics and functionalities including new age technologies like home automation etc.  

Our interior designing company in Vile Parle brings timeless beauty and durability together. Using best design elements and furnishings of the high quality, we create quality interiors which means pet-friendly and family life doesnt need to compromise on style.

Finest interior designing service provided

With decorMyPlace, we intent on turning your dream house in reality. We have selected passionate designers to join our team who focuses on every single detail. decorMyPlace, being one of the best interior designers in Vile Parle serves you with a beautiful range of colors, finishes, and options that can be matched and mixed to reflect your individual taste. Top quality material, technical expertise, and craftsmanship go into our every project. We aim at reinventing the houses to suit the need of an individual. Kitchens created by us are made from the unique combination of contemporary designing, engineering and craftsmanship.

Our in-house studio offers the best for clients

The best interior design services in Vile Parle offers the facility to go through various designs which can be explored in our studio. It gives the idea about designs which can be chosen for a house or apartment interiors. Give your empty space to our experts and we’ll create the interior which will deliver the goal efficiently and successfully. Also, it will be pleasing and interesting. We go extra miles to make sure we deliver what we promise almost every time.

The workshop offered for a better experience

We have started the workshop where all our workers go through the process of interior designing. All the latest machinery can be explored here in our workshop. With our best services throughout the years, we have managed to open a workshop for our clients.

Warranty part

decorMyPlace stands behind its products & services and offers the warranty for the largest period in the business for 7.5 years. Now with experience we stand at quite high standard that we offer durable solution with long term warranty for all the designs undertaken by us. Our company will provide you with the assured warranty for all kinds of services you avail from our top team of designers in Vile Parle.

Largest team of interior designers in Vile Parle

All the designers hired by us are of a senior level and well-experienced in their individual field. We believe in hiring the best talents and this is why we are known the best because of the largest team of designers in Vile Parle. Hire our services and get your work done with the experts.