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Affordable interior designers in Pune

Partnership with world leader hardware brands

To establish ourselves as a true affordable interior designer in Pune, decormyplace recently signed up as an OEM partner with world leader hardware brands like Hettich and Hafele, after this strategic tie up we can buy material directly from these hardware manufacturing companies bypassing retailers and dealers, which gives us the best discounted price. Moreover we can avoid getting duplicate products from the market, as these are premium hardware there is chance of getting replicas from the retailers.  The heavy discounts we get from these hardware partners are reflected in our furniture pricing that has made decormyplace a renowned affordable interior designer in Pune.    

Strategic tie ups with tiles, granite, marble, cladding vendors

Our efforts to become the most affordable interior designer in Pune is the continuous process, to further progress we have recently tied up with large importers and manufacturers for various designer marbles, granite, cladding and sanitary wares. We signed up long term contract with them for large quantity of procurement, this effort made us improve our pricing to reach to our aim of affordable interior designer in Pune. In last couple of years lot of factories / manufacturers have approached to us which are having large manufacturing or importing capacities, especially at Daman we have identified many such manufacturers those have very high standards of processing marble.

Fast turnaround time for designing

In order to reduce the cost of effort required for designing decormyplace invested in various advanced software and hardware, this has helped us to speed up the work with accuracy, it reduced the rework drastically lowering our cost of designing. This effort has further made us possible to extend ourselves as the most affordable interior designer in Pune. Recently we further invested in many new initiatives like fast 3D software, high configuration machines for rendering of these images, this help our clients to get the better understanding of the designs with minute details and that helps in getting their faster approvals for the designs.

In house designing team

At decormyplace we have in house designing team rather than freelancers, we have always believed in having our own team so that we can have complete control over designing team and the designing process can be continuously optimized by training these inhouse designing team members. In short span of time we optimized our designing process by utilizing various modern tools like 3D modeling and rendering software, that giveS realistic output of the proposed designs, colours and textures. This helps our clients to visualize their dream home even before the start of any actual work onsite. Most of our designing team members are from premium designing institutes and those were recruited through a professional selection process so that best quality designers are brought on board. In a short span of time we have attracted many interior designers in Pune to present ourselves as the largest team of interior designers in the region. Every year we invite quite a few interns in the organization who have opted designing as passion rather than just an additional degree, they are groomed on various software usage, soft skills, they are invited during meetings with clients interaction along with senior designers, that help them to build their confidence, at the end of internship we absorb few intern those have performed exceptionally well during their internship.

Exclusive interior Material studio

During optimization of designing process we identified the need of availability of various interior material as part of designing process so that clients can visualize these various materials like hardware, laminates, fabrics, profile shutters, veneers, marbles, quartz, granites, acrylics surfaces etc, decormyplace may be one of those few interior designers in Pune that has full fledged modern interior designing material studio.


Warranty for long duration

As we use the finest quality raw material like ISI MARKED PLYWOOD, D2 PLUS category glue and quality internal laminate we assure all our clients the best quality furniture that is backed by a dedicated service team. Our dedicated service team is capable of providing immediate resolution in case of any issue arises after the handover of the project. This service capability makes us one of the most reliable Interior designers in Pune.

Onsite as well as modular furniture set up

At decormyplace we have created both the facilities for onsite as well as offshore modular furniture delivery, onsite or offshore delivery depends on the designs in the scope. In either case our kitchens are made in a factory, we have facilities to make veneer, laminate, acrylic or back painted glass shutters. Hettich is our preferred brand for most of the hardware that goes in our furniture.

All services under one roof

At DecorMyPlace we have more than 150 plus contractors enrolled for various activities like false ceiling, tiling, marble fixing, fabrication, electrification, plumbing etc. Most of these contractors have been working with us for last few years and they are capable of handling any type of designs.

Get Rid of Everything That Isn' Necessary

Clutter is never appealing, and it doesn't enhance your house either. To get a gorgeous design in your house, start by getting rid of everything you don't need. Having less stuff will make it easier to keep everything properly in your available area, in addition to cleaning your home and thoughts. This may be a large chore, especially if you haven't done a serious cleanse in a long time, and it might feel overwhelming. But don't get disheartened; start with one tiny drawer and work your way around the house one room at a time.

Get Crafty if You Want to Save Money on Interior Design

You could believe you don't like something anymore, but a creative day could give it a whole new appearance and make you fall in love with it all over again. Not to mention the joy of having completed the task oneself! You may find a plethora of simple and affordable options online, ranging from painting it a different colour to adding decorations. They make some pretty incredible changes, and who knows, maybe you'll be inspired for your next weekend project! Crafted objects are also fantastic conversation starters and will allow you to stamp your personality and taste on your house.

Obtain Low-Cost Interior Design Services

Interior design is now more accessible and cheap than it has ever been. Many low-cost interior design businesses are now offering flat-rate packages rather than hourly services. These low-cost interior designers frequently use virtual interior design to finish their tasks. Before committing to a design or furniture and d�cor purchases, clients may completely imagine their new interiors using 3D realistic simulations. Even better, some of the finest providers offer unique trade discounts and concierge shopping at no extra cost!

Use Flea Markets and Swaps to Find Low-Cost Home Decor

Even after innovative thinking, there will be items you no longer enjoy or can't reuse in other ways, and they must be discarded. Still, rather than throwing them out, consider going to a flea market. To begin with, the proceeds from the sale of your belongings will help you stretch your remodeling budget. And you'll undoubtedly uncover pre-loved goods that are ideal for your house while you're there! Always keep your creative mind alert when wandering through a flea market.

Swapping items with your pals is another fantastic method to get rid of old items while obtaining new ones in exchange. You may even turn this into a different type of get-together. Organize a themed event when everyone contributes unwanted items to be disposed of. After that, arrange everything on a table and begin shopping. You may also discuss advice and trade affordable interior design ideas for your houses during the evening.

STEPS we follow during designing


The first step of interior designing project is to take exact measurements of the apartment or bungalow and draft a layout 2D drawing that needs to be cross verified, we try to capture every detail in this first onsite visit like positions of beam, columns, switch board positions, window heights, lintel heights etc. next logical step is to start discussion around the furniture requirement and those furniture dimensions and various utility aspects of these furniture pieces. Many a times there is need of civil changes to make the space Vastu complaint or to create openness in the apartment like breaking of kitchen wall or partition wall, demolition of dry balcony to include it in kitchen, we need to make all these changes in the civil layout indicating demolition and new construction.


While we work on furniture layout, we think about various parameters like... what is the maximum possible passage area for walking within apartment, we probe if there are any special requirements in the family like any patient on the wheelchair or are there any big furniture like wardrobes, sofa to be brought from the other apartment so that we can keep the passage open accordingly, in order to transport furniture in this apartment.

Moreover, during furniture layout, we also need to think of exact utility purpose of every furniture component so that we can keep the required space needed while using these furniture components for example we need to keep at least 4 ft distance between crockery unit and dining table so that when person sits on the chair one pulls it back that kind of space shall be available to accommodate chair movement, else it would be highly inconvenient for user and may damage crockery unit doors.

One must discuss with client regarding their current as well as future space utility requirements for example are they going to use some space in the house may be for some consulting business or maybe for beauty parlour or maybe for yoga classes or teaching classes, if this kind of special purpose requirements are there so we need to think of this kind of requirements while creating the furniture layout and keep few things movable to accommodate such future requirements.

One also needs to think of other personalized needs of the clients e.g., while designing kitchen we need to understand if housewife is left-handed or right-handed and accordingly, we need to plan the placements of pull outs units and other drawers� arrangement, such personalization defines the placements of sink, refrigerator and tall unit.

One of the important aspects while defining furniture layout is how to maximise the availability of natural light and breeze in the home, it is quite challenging to plan furniture layout to make light and breeze available in the apartment throughout the year, this thinking helps us to define the height of the furniture so that they don't object these natural resources.

Few other aspects are like water seepage, now a days we have observed that in many apartments there is a leakage problem especially on the wall near bathroom and the exterior walls, in such cases we need to evaluate if this kind of leakage is going to be a problem in future and need to keep our furniture on the walls after applying some PVC panels or waterproofing treatment. Our preference is to get water proofing treatment done and we have quite a few waterproofing experts in our network.


Once the complete furniture layout is frozen, we start discussion around the 3D modelling, as per furniture layout we have already created. During 3D modelling we discuss about further details of every furniture piece, we share reference images, we talk about colours, material, textures we have numerous texture options like laminate, veneer, paints, glasses, even fabric can be applied on furniture. We ask clients to send a few of the reference images what they have liked over the internet so that gives us some idea about client preferences and then we finalise these aspects and start applying all these material and colour to the 3D modelling to create the raw 3D images

There would be round of discussion around raw 3D images, few alterations may be there and then we start the final activity that is rendering, image rendering is nothing but making these raw 3D images look realistic, we can be sure that these images will be very close may be 90 to 95% of the actual snaps if taken after completion of work.


Once the 3D views are frozen, consider 50% of designing is done and now next step would be to design the detailing of the internal storage structure for piece of every furniture like wardrobe, shoe rack, crockery unit, kitchen, bed storages, book storage etc.

During discussion of internal storages design we talk about actual utility of the space inside the furniture, so we need to give thought to drawers� requirement, shelves arrangement e.g. internal placement for kids will have different arrangement than for adults because of their different heights, left-handed user and have a different arrangement right-handed.

In modern interiors nowadays we have a lot of imported fittings available, those can be used especially in the premium projects e.g., laundry basket fitting, watch box organiser drawer, lift up hangers to reach higher heights in wardrobe, shoes stand fitting, various hangers fittings like trouser hanger, ties hangars all these fittings can be used to increase the usability of wardrobe space.

For kitchen internal structure we have various options like stainless steel baskets which is little older style, nowadays we recommend modern hardware fittings, those have higher weight bearing capacity and offer feather touch smooth operations those drawer systems are called tandem boxes and are available from various brands Hettich, Blum, Grass etc. For premium kitchens there are various other fittings can be used like larder unit, corner units, Orga trays, cutlery trays and for luxury kitchen we even have electrically controlled shuttering systems from Blum called Servo Drive.

In kitchen nowadays we need to discuss appliances as well in detail while designing the kitchen, now a days almost every family started using microwave, oven, hob, chimney, dishwasher, washing machine fridge etc, we need to give special attention to accommodate all these appliances in the given space with their electrical inputs and plan their exhaust systems. We need to discuss about their dimensions their brands, budget and accordingly take a call before designing or before making a drawing for the kitchen to ensure whatever the appliances are bought that can be exactly fitted without any discrepancy in the dimensions to get the perfect seamless finishing. There are many advanced fittings for kitchen like mixer lift up system, pop up electrical switch board those can be incorporated to look your kitchen smart and easy to operate.

In order help clients to take better decisions about these kitchen appliances we have tied up with brands like Blaunkpunkt, Siemens, Bosch, Elica, Whirlpool etc. with the regular update on product features we are confident about our recommendations and our tie up helps in addressing the warranty issues and sometimes we help clients get discounts as compared to the market rates, several clients have taken the benefits of these kind of discounts.

As a part of furniture detailing, designers start making the AutoCAD drawings of all these internal components, designers even discuss handles, mirrors, locks positions as per the heights of the users. The next step of designing is to make the 2D elevations of all these furniture components, in simple language we can call these drawings as a carpentry diagram, so that carpenters or furniture vendor understand all these drawings very easily and produce the furniture exactly matching with these designs. As decorMyPlace operates in multiple cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, we have to make sure that these drawings are perfect to avoid need of explanation to those vendors, if the drawings are not perfect vendors need to contact designer again and again that can delay the project. Out of our experience of more than 1500 projects in last eight years we have mastered the art of making the perfect drawings so that there is hardly any discussion needed with the contractors once these designs are submitted to manufacturing team.


Now the next type of designing is highly crucial step that is a lighting planning, in modern interiors there are various types of lighting, for our premium projects we are proposing functional lighting when one uses furniture functional lighting is helpful, then we have an ambient lighting, mood lighting whenever there is a get together

at home, you can use these kind of lighting options, that gives very soothing experience. When we define lighting, we also take care of false ceiling design that would be in sync with furniture layout already designed, we plan chandeliers, spotlights, false ceiling panels lighting for exterior areas like balcony, lobby etc.


Some basic discussion about painting is already done during the 3D finalization, as we go on further deep in designing process, there will be elaborate discussion around painting options. Now a days there is trend of faint neutral shades across the apartment and may be couple of walls will be highlighted with dark shade or texture paint or wall paper.


The next step of designing is planning upholstery, in modern apartment you find many of the components like headboard, curtains, sofa, dining chairs and even few wall panels can be made with a fabric material. While selecting fabrics we need to think of quite a few parameters like requirement of maintenance, so if the users are senior citizen low maintenance material will be suggested, for house with kids some kind of leatherette that can be washed very easily. In case of pets at home it's going to be a big challenge then we need to utilise material which will not attract pets which can be unhygienic in a long-term at the same time we need to select material which is not tasty for the pets otherwise in some cases we have noticed animals chew the material and then spoil them.

Styling can be considered as the last step but it�s going to be the continuous process, one can keep on adding the styling components like carpets, vase, frames, candle stands and those can be changed in every couple of years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

1. What is the percentage of project decorMyPlace charge for designing?

At decorMyPlace we don’t work at a percentage basis approach, as this approach may lead to escalation of project cost, this has been observed in many projects that percentage basis designing approach has no budget control and many times create problem for the house owner to plan the budget in the last phase of project. To avoid this situation decorMyPlace provides a complete turnkey solution, so the client does not need to worry about the escalation of the budget as the budget does not fluctuate as compared to budget given initially. At decorMyPlace after designing process is over, we work out the budget in detail based on the designs and material to be used in project and this budget does not change at all so there are no budget escalation surprises, decorMyPlace team does all the negotiation part with vendors, so client does not need to spend their time in such activities.

2. What is the percentage you charge for supervision?

Supervision or project management is completely taken care of as part of turnkey project management and there are no separate charges for project management. Our project manager visits the site on alternate days and plans all the onsite activities, procurements scheduling, transportation, regular wastage disposal etc.

3. What is the percentage of change of budget from first quotation vs last quotation?

It depends on the requirements given by client in the initial discussion vs their requirements during designing, if there is no much change between initial requirements and requirements given during designing process then budget generally does not change substantially. Many a times clients do not work thoroughly on their requirements initially and later add quite a few things in the scope so obviously there will be change in the initial budget vs budget after designing. Many a times clients ask proposal in laminate finish and later change to premium finishes like veneer, acrylic PU paint or back painted glass etc, so these kind of changes alter the scope of the project and price as well.

4. I am an NRI, can you execute a project without my presence in India?

Yes absolutely, we have our 30 percent clients from NRI category, with the evolution of various tools like skype, google meets and WhatsApp calls it is now very easy to handle the complete designing process without meeting each other. We arrange video calls whenever there is a need of viewing each other or some interior material so that the selection process can be completed through such calls. For designing document sharing, ideas sharing we use emails, whats app groups, at the start of the project itself we create chat groups in this group decision makers from clients side and decorMyPlace side are included and daily discussion takes place so that all stakeholders are updated on daily basis.

Even during the execution we keep on sending the weekly update through snaps and videos so that NRI clients are completely updated about the ongoing work onsite. Few clients even install internet based video cameras in case they wish to see live activities onsite.

5. Do we need to visit the decorMyPlace office and project site frequently?

Not really, in these modern days we have many communication and collaboration platforms and we use those platforms to the fullest to avoid physical presence for the meetings. During covid pandemic we further improved communication on various online platforms and now practically hardly any need to have physical meetings except material selection. We have created a material studio at our office so that in one single visit material can be selected for the entire project.

Once a project comes in to execution, project manager keeps on sending the regular updates on collaboration platform like WhatsApp or Telegram so practically there is no need to visit site during execution, in case there is need of any discussion, our team can take client in video call and seek their approvals or suggestions in the ongoing work.

6. Do you manufacture dining tables and what is Warranty for Dining?

No, we don’t manufacture dining tables, we have few vendors on our board and those supply us the dining tables, we take our clients to their showroom and select the tables as per client’s budgets and designs used in the project. We do designing and customization of dining tables if the designs are highly exclusive like use of golden metals, onyx, Corian etc, these customized dining tables are high value articles and take around 2-3 months for complete manufacturing. Whatever the warranty is given by our supplier that is passed to the client back to back.

7. Do you manufacture sofas, what about the warranty for Sofa?

Yes, we have Sofa making a highly capable team with us, we make Sofas and Headboards at our facility and we use high grade wood for making sofa frames and branded foam and belts which are the most important raw material for any sofa. Our sofa making team is experienced enough to make most of the complicated designs like chesterfield, sofa cum bed, piped designs etc. We provide warranty for much longer duration for our sofas, that depends on the designs but our warranty period is much longer than the standard market warranty period of one year.

8. Do you do wood work?

Yes, we have an association with the wood working team, carving team, if there are sizable wood working jobs then we do the designing and execution of wood jobs like decorative pillars, ceiling rafters, zhoolas etc. We make sure that the right quality wood is used and a highly skilled polishing team is involved in polishing these wooden products.

9. Do you have onsite or offshore manufacturing facilities?

At decorMyPlace, we have all the facilities to manufacture our furniture, depending on the design we take a call whether to make the furniture onsite or use modular set up for the same. If the designs are plain, straight line and single color then modular approach is preferred but in case of connected, multi laminates designs we prefer to use onsite manual furniture making approach. In the case of Veneer, PU paint designs we prefer to use an onsite approach.

10. What about fabrication, do you undertake fabrication assignments?

At decorMyPlace we have a fabrication facility as part of our workshop, we understand the importance of fabrication in interior designing, we do fabrication in pipes, angles, CRC pipes, tin shades, acrylic shades, pergolas etc. Many clients ask for windows grills extensions, trolleys for inverters and stabilizers, fabrication for planters etc. Many times we also undertake designing of fabrication structures from scratch and get those executed onsite.

11. Do you suggest granite or quartz or any other material for the kitchen platform?

Granite, Quartz or any other material selection completely depends on the individual preferences and budget, granite is the cheapest kitchen platform material but it has limitations of colors and designs but otherwise offers the best value for money. Quartz is a modern material and it is a bit expensive and ranges from 350 to 3000 Rs sq. ft, it offers several designs, patterns and colors and adds a completely modern look to your kitchen. There are other modern materials like Corian, Epoxy etc. that can be used in the kitchen but preferably in the dry kitchen side.

12. Do you undertake bathroom renovation?

Yes, at decorMyPlace we have a dedicated civil work / masonry team, this team plays important roles in such renovations. We have created renovation packages for bathrooms, the scope involves designing, material selection and getting the work done onsite. We have skilled vendors like water proofing experts, plumber to handle critical bathroom renovations.

13. Can the decorMyPlace team help us in choosing the home theater system?

Yes, if asked to play this role we will surely do the needful, based on the budget, space available, size of the rooms’ etc. parameters can be understood and the right home theater system can be decided. Few clients even went with full-fledged home theater rooms for which we have played a role to get the best possible AV solution, couches, sound proofing system etc.

14. Will you undertake home automation as part of the project?

Yes, we have tied up with a couple of automation expert companies and we have automated quite a few bungalows and apartments in the last few years. We have multiple options like retrofit, digital switch boards etc. based on client’s budget and expectations of functionalities we can recommend the best option suitable for automation. Our team did automation for lights, fans, AC, geysers, curtains etc.

15. Do you help us in selecting various appliances?

Yes, based on our experience of the last few years we can surely recommend to our clients various appliances like Chimneys, Hob, Oven, Microwave, dish washer, washing machines, built-in fridge etc. Even decorMyPlace is a dealer for world famous appliances brands like Elica, Whirlpool, Kuchina, Nagold etc.

16. Do you help us in buying mattresses?

We can recommend a couple of dealers in our network, but practically mattresses are very personal choices like preference of hardness, softness, memory foam, spring mattresses, orthopedic mattress etc. During the designing phase we try to understand the thickness of the mattress preferred by the client and accordingly we design the bed height and dimensions of the headboard.

17. What brands of switches and lights do you recommend?

This is purely dependent on the budget as the market is flooded with various brands and various qualities of switches and lights. Based on our experience of the last few years we have identified a couple of brands that are reliable and address the warranty issues promptly, even their warranty periods are better than market standards.

18. What are the various material finishes available with decorMyPlace?

At decorMyPlace we have quite a few modern finishes available like laminates, veneers, PU paints, acrylics, back painted glasses, LG and SAMSUNG furniture films. Few more luxury finishes like Corian, customized Epoxy, PVD coating on certain parts of furniture are on the offer. Budget plays a major role while selecting these finishes for furniture.

19. Can you show us one of the ongoing and completed projects of yours?

Yes, surely at any point of time we have around 18-20 projects going on within the city so we can surely take our prospective clients to one of the sites that is matching with the client’s budget planned, so that client can judge what kind of project is possible in the budget planned.

20. How is the curtain selection process handled?

During the design discussion we allocate some time for curtain designs discussion as well, we show those designs whenever we present 3D designs to our clients. In the last leg of project execution we visit a couple of upholstery dealers along with clients and curtains are selected based on the designs and budget allocated by the client.

21. Do you recommend texture paints or wallpapers?

Apart from regular painting nowadays there is big acceptance for highlighting one or two walls in house to add further wow factor in the designing. We have tied up with a few expert companies which have been working in the texture paint field for quite some time, these companies have developed various types of textures and paints based on our suggestions. Similarly we have tied up a few renowned wall paper companies that have developed their own designs and imported from Europe the best quality wallpapers and glue to make sure wall paper stays there for a really long time.

22. Can you help me select planters for Balcony?

Yes, especially NRI clients ask us to decorate complete galleries with planters before they come to India, in such cases with the help of video calls we select planters for them to make their balconies look beautiful.

23. Where to buy artifacts?

We recommend a couple of e-commerce marketplaces for decorative articles and there are few shops we have identified which provide good quality designer artifacts at the right price.

24. Where to buy carpets / rugs?

In the last few years we came across few experts in this field who can provide good quality imported and locally made rugs and carpets at the right price. In our network we have few rugs designers and customized rugs makers, especially for luxury projects we take their assistance.

25. Do I need to engage professional cleaning service at the end of the project?

As a client you don’t need to engage any agency, at the end of the project we engage people to clean the furniture, windows, tracks, bathrooms, flooring, galleries etc.

26. What is the duration of warranty?

Standard warranty duration is 6 years and it varies up to 10 yrs for few premium finishes, we pass on back to back warranty for hardware from Hettich, Hafele etc. Few premium hardware brands offer warranty up to 15 years and the same warranty is passed to our clients.

27. Do you have a separate team to handle warranty?

Yes, we have a separate warranty handling team, we have a 4-5 members team which is dedicated for handling all the services related issues. At decorMyPlace, we believe warranty services are must to build long term relationship with client and nurture our project work in long run so that it lasts long and client enjoys their dream home with full satisfaction. As interior project is not made on manufacturing assembly line there are always teething issues in the first 1 year and maximum nurturing is needed during that time itself.

28. Is there any benefit if I give reference to my friends or family members?

We have a reference bonus scheme, several happy clients of ours have given the references of their friends and family members, as goodwill gesture we passed on reference bonuses based on the project value of the referred projects. Our reference bonus scheme has been highly appreciated by many clients, after getting their home done, almost all clients get the requests to suggest the interior designing company that has done their work, it’s quite easy for them to see the finishing of the carpentry, upholstery, lighting ideas, kitchen hardware etc and that gives them confidence that they shall opt the same interior designing agency and your few good words act as catalyst. We surely value your kind words and make sure your referred client is also completely satisfied with our products and services. When you refer our name to your acquaintances somewhere you give them guaranty on our behalf and we wish to thank you for your gesture from the bottom of our heart and reference bonus is just the small token of appreciation for the confidence you have shown in decorMyPlace team.

29. Is there any benefit if I am your first client in the complex?

As the first client from the particular complex we surely pass on additional benefits in the form of some freebies to our client. We consider our first lead in any complex as our entry gate in particular complex, we have been experiencing that whenever we start work in any complex, we keep on getting the multiple clients in the same complex as new prospects can see the work we will be doing there. The ongoing work acts as our show room for the new prospects and many a times we keep on getting new clients for couple of years till the complex gets occupied completely.