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Top 10 - Ten Interior Designers In Pune

Compare Portfolios

Start by asking for a portfolio, where you get to see the entire range of the designer’s or design firm’s work. You can surf the net, check on the social media handles for the same and more importantly comments and reviews. One needs to visit at least 13-15 companies’ portfolios to conclude top 10 interior designers. One can notice that top 10 interior designers have wide range of styles, team with variety of experience.

Work Experience

Work experience in terms of years, associations with other designers, any outstanding work and the designer’s qualifications need to be taken in consideration to get someone blessed with a body of work that impresses and inspires confidence. By following this one can become one of the top 10 interior designers. His years of experience in the industry to turn your vision and concepts into a beautiful home, just as you had dreamt of.

Single Point of Contact

Once you get your top 10 interior designers in town, make it clear that you wish to deal with one point of contact to have smooth conversation. It could be one representative from designing company team or the designer herself/himself in case of a firm, there should one person solely responsible for an ongoing project work. It can get chaotic, dealing with different members of the design team. Top 10 interior will accord clients peace of mind by coordinating with all those involved on behalf of a client.

In-House Material Availability

Utilize the material library for faster implementation of project, make sure while evaluating top 10 Interior designers, you make sure to visit their offices and explore the choices they have for various types of interior material. Ponder how to consolidate various materials to maintain balance. Wood functions admirably with gentler materials, like texture, yet could likewise look great against a differentiating material like stone or ceramic tiles. Team decorMyPlace has established its in-house material studio which keeps us in the list of top 10 interior designers in Pune.


Interior designing for a new home or a makeover, is a massive task, where a lot of supervision is required. While it is good to have realistic expectations of the outcome, all cannot be left to the designer team. The client must make his or her presence felt, so that the team on site don’t take any undue liberties. Therefore, designer from top 10 interior designer list is best to go for, for he or she will make sure that every bit of work is in place to give the desired result to the client. The choice of an interior designing company will certainly make all the difference.