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Stylish designs

What are the accessories used in wardrobe?

We have opted for various types of drawers like soft close drawers, tandem boxes, steel baskets, wicker baskets, organizer drawers for watches and precious jewellery.  There are few special wardrobe space saving fittings like folding IRON BOARD, garments hanger lift from famous hardware brands like BLUM, HETTICH, HAFELE. One may opt for advanced fittings like soft close trouser slider, tie and belt rack, swinging shoes rack, various types of pull outs.

If you wish to have digital hidden safe, space can be allocated for such accessories. We have selected various handles designs for your wardrobe, which are show cased in our designing lounge.

How to choose right wardrobe for room?

If it's completely empty room then choosing the wardrobe is quite easy, we can recommend you the complete set up for your room along with bed, dresser, bed-backdesign and matching theme for wardrobe, this will give a look ofseamlessly matching theme. In case you already have all other furniture components in room and just need the wardrobe, we can study the layout of the room and suggest the right placement, we suggest the possibility of swinging doors or sliders, we will suggest the surface material considering the aesthetics of existing components in the room. We have various options like fresh white acrylic surfaces, or mirror doors to make the room look roomy or wooden panels to match with your existing wooden bed.

Kids wardrobes

We have made available various digital laminates for your little ones, charismas theme, snow themes, Santa clause themes and many cartoon character themes have been highly appreciated by our little clients. There are separate themes for girls and boys. You can even opt for any of the pictures of your kid or family and we can convert that in to facia of kid's wardrobe. We assure you that our themes will inspire kid's imaginations and many a times we can convert their imaginations in to their room themes.