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What is the estimation of my apartment's interior project, many people generally find themselves troubled with this question. Most of the people are not aware of technical specs of material and what quality and quantity of material is required. To confuse them further, one will find different interior designing companies charging differently. Few Interior designers may charge for the full project or perhaps charge on a material basis even by considering the entire project cost and cut some amount of percentage for his or her fees.

We are offering herewith very simple and easy to understand interior cost estimator, this estimator considers material, designing and execution supervision fees all put together.

We have considered laminate finish in this estimator, CLICK FOR ESTIMATOR IN LAMINATE FINISH

Many Luxury Finish Options are available with us, please discuss with our team in person

Veneer Finish

Duco Painting Finishing

Acrylic Finish

Back Painted Glasses Finish

Metal Strips Decor

Our accurate interior cost estimator will surely help you to initiate planning for your dream project, with the option to select the various furniture components required in home, one can select wardrobes, beds, crockery units etc and use the tentative measurements to get very close pricing estimation for your dream home interiors. We always keep on updating the rates per square feet as per the market pricing conditions of skilled labor and quality material.

In the age of the DIY internet tutorials, 30-minute search online can throw lot of information to user, it's common to believe interior design cost is simple to work out, but behind the scenes, the inside design price is created from several important factors, try this guide about the interior cost budgeting you will get the real estimates.

Our interior cost estimator is based on the latest hardware fittings prices from brands like Hettich, Hafele, Blum, Rehau etc. While deriving the various costs for our interior cost estimator we met several vendors across various cities and derived the average prices for various products and services like painting, carpentry, duco painting, plumbing, electrification and averaged out those prices to come up with this innovative interior budget calculator.

Our Interior project budget calculator default takes prices for laminate finishing, we use branded laminates like Merino, Century, Airolam etc. For other luxury finishes like Veneer, acrylic, PU painting, back painted glass please get in touch with our team, they will help you to come with budget for your dream home.

This Cost Estimate customized or is it generic in nature?

At a base level, we have used current industry data, industry best practices (such as optimal furniture sizes, variety of finishes, false ceiling requirements as per the latest designs etc. & your inputs to come back up with cost estimate options, to urge you to a solid start line.

You can use this estimate as a base.

Eventually what you may find yourself with, are going to be a value estimate customized to your space and your requirements (in terms of varieties of items, finishes & sizes)

The costing model which supports each item, makes it possible for you to vary sizes & finishes and still get an accurate cost estimate.

Happy budgeting....