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Hettich and Hafele kitchen distributors in Pune

Lowest price for Hettich and Hafele kitchens and wardrobes in Pune

In short span of time, decormyplace has been selected as an OEM partner by Hettich and Hafele and now we can buy material from these world leaders directly without going through any dealer or stockist. This gives us the best discount and now we are in position to offer the most competitive price for the Hettich and Hafele kitchens in PUNE.

At decormyplace, most of the designers have been trained by Hettich and Hafele professionals, they are now expert in suggesting the best suitable hardware for your kitchen, wardrobes or bed systems.

Hettich and Hafele service team trained our execution team to handle any hardware system form these companies and now we have team of expert within the organization which have in-depth knowledge of these fittings.

Most modern fittings from Hettich and Hafele

At decormyplace, our expert team of designers always consider the latest and modern fittings when they design any kitchen or perhaps any interior project. We have incorporated various modern hardware systems like larder units from Hafele, corner units from Hettich, tandem boxes from Hettich, wicker baskets from Hafele. There are various types of uplift systems, sliding systems, tall units, wardrobe fittings, uplift hangers, foldable ironing table, foldable chopping boards, Murphy bed fitting from Hafele, these all systems have been incorporated in our projects wherever necessary.