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Material Studio

We at decormyplace created an interior material studio / material lounge / material gallery which has thousands of samples of interior materials. Our new space is a place where designers, makers, manufacturers and material-enthusiasts can meet, hang out, get inspired and bring ideas to life. We put the materials samples we love to work with, using them in furniture, storage, desking, dining, light boxes and accessories.

Our space shows how materials age and perform over time – day to day and in talks and events from experts across different industries. We have lots of samples in various sizes and stages of production, including some raw materials that show how materials are made. Feel free to pop in, or drop us a line to schedule a meeting.

In any interior project there is need of various types of raw material like tiles, marbles, granites, veneers, laminates, highlighters, wall papers, fabrics, lights, stones, fascia samples, plywood samples, highlighters, flooring samples, 3D mdf patterns, coco panels, Cornish samples, pop arts and many more.

Many designers have been working with us to create a space which can adapt and transform over a period of time, using the interesting materials for architecture and interiors that we know so well. Everything works together to be honest and true to each material’s individual characteristics creating the beautiful spaces.

In addition to various interior material, we have included few fittings like telescoping channels, quadro channels, tandem boxes, tall unit fittings, roller shutters, edge band samples and many more to make our clients aware of modern fittings.

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