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Fastest growing interior designer in Baner Pune

Projects in premium constructions in Baner Pune

At MONTVERT FINESSE BANER PASHAN LINK ROAD we executed more than 5 projects, at 24K SERENO we are now executing quite a few projects, Orange County, Sangavi Shells and many more small or big complexes we have our clients making us the top interior designer in Baner Pune. References from happy clients are increasing day by day and lot of interaction is happening in Baner area, decorMyPlace is targeting to finish at least 100 projects in Baner area to emerge as the top interior designer in Baner Pune.

Highest rating in Baner area for decormyplace on JUSTDIAL

As per India’s most prominent classified portal JUSTDIAL, decorMyPlace is probably the highest positive rated interior designer in Baner Pune with more than 100 reviews from satisfied clients. As testimony to our good ratings JUSTDIAL awarded certificate for the same, making us officially the best interior designer in Baner Pune.

Award winning Interior Solution Partner

We are highly honoured to have received the prestigious Global Excellence Award by famous Padmashri Awardee actress Madhuri Dixit in 2019, International Fame Awards by Humanitarian, Covid Hero Sonu Sood 2021, National Architecture and Interior designing Excellence Award 2019, recognition by THE CEO Magazine may be a few of the accolades we have been honoured in past few years.

In the last few years, decorMyPlace has gained immense popularity among its clients as they are mostly satisfied with their service and took the effort of writing reviews on Justdial. This company has been awarded 4.6 out of 5 stars by clients and clearly claimed winner over other interior designing firms in Pune.

One of the largest creative team of interior designer in Baner Pune

We believe designing is complex process and that needs quite a few brains to come together rather than single, there is need of colour sense, knowledge of fabrics, knowledge of hardware, knowledge of materials and many other factors, at decorMyPlace we made team with expertise in various domains so that we don’t need to compromise on designs, this is probably the largest team with interior designer in Baner Pune. Currently we have team of around 25 designers, most of them are from reputed institutes, many of them joined as the interns around 7-8 years back and learned various aspects of designing at decorMyPlace. As they are getting challenging assignments of designing apartment, villas, pent houses they found their ideal career path with us.

Ready interior material studio

As a prominent interior designer in Baner Pune, we initiated the process of having material studio within the organization so that our busy clients need not waste time in visiting the crowded market. In very short span we created interior material studio for granites, laminates, veneers, hardware, handles and many more accessories. This availability of various latest interior material inhouse made the material selection process very easy for our clients, they don’t need to travel in crowded places and hunt for the material, we have more than 10000 pieces of laminate samples, veneers, acrylics, glasses, metal strips, aluminium profile samples to choose from.

The state-of-the-art material studio is an enormous collection of the latest materials where you can explore many varieties of GRANITES, 6000 plus LAMINATE samples and so on. This idea of an interior designer's material studio remains new for interior designers in PUNE. Interiors is all about choosing the right materials and colours, sometimes it can take clients several days to decide on which materials to use.

At decorMyPlace we have brought a complete interior material for you to use in your design. We have the widest range of latest interior materials for you to use in your design. Even today, many designing firms take clients to visit crowded interior material markets in the city centre, but many clients requested us that samples be arranged at our office to SAVE TIME AND TRAVEL. The State-of-the-Art Material Studio offers a comprehensive visualization of all your material options, including hardware, fabrics, wallpapers, paints, lights, back-painted glass, wall coverings and PVD-coated metals. At decorMyPlace we have brought a complete interior material like MARBLES, HARDWARE, HANDLES, GRANITES, and many more interior accessories in its own studio and can design your dream home.

Manufacturing Unit at Pune

As prominent interior designer in Baner Pune, we have always tried to offer best finishing to our clients, to improve the finishing we even set up small factory equipped with European modern wood working machineries like panel saws, compressor, edge banding machine, etc. This manufacturing facility enables us to store large quantity of material for our upcoming projects, that makes it feasible to buy large quantity in one go to get the best possible price, these benefits are passed on to the clients offering them the best value for their money.

Experience in Luxury as well as budget interiors

Our premier projects are the Rohan Group, Lodha, Paranjape and many more. Our master craftsmen are at their best with the latest luxury decorating and materials like Veneers, PVD coated metal plans, back-painted glass expressions, and teak woodwork and so on. Team decorMyPlace is in no way just a brand but an idea of how beautiful things can be possible through our expertise in designing and execution of projects of highest quality.

Experience in space-saving furniture

No matter what your choice is, we have the furniture that is perfect for you. Whether it is a Murphy bed, collapsible bed or foldable table, our space-saving furniture is designed to give you the freedom to use only 10-15% of your carpet area when compared to conventional setups.

Save more than 30 sq. ft. of carpet with the Murphy Bed. The 3 in 1 Murphy Bed’s extra-deep mattress can be used as a half-size bed, pull down low sleeper sofa and a comfortable reading nook. In addition to saving space, this bed system’s seamless design is perfect for kids, and has no sharp edges to make it safer - Perfect for young families!


Team decorMyPlace is committed to offer best services, especially our long-lasting relationship with each client. We are committed not only with providing our professional services, but also with sharing our experience and expertise with each family. Furthermore, we often provide thorough warranties on all the works we'd executed to ensure we're guaranteed to return...

Manual as well as modular carpentry options

Both the carpentry techniques provide their share of advantages and disadvantages. The manual carpentry provides a better-quality craftsmanship. The modular furniture is easy to set up and move around.

Modular carpentry is the most cost-effective alternative for building an entire rack of kitchen cabinets. The pieces are smaller and have simpler construction with very little laminate patterns, making it easier to transport them from one site to another without damaging them. Generally, this would be more cost-effective option than onsite fabrication where you need to use bigger machines, higher speeds, and higher costs. Modular carpentry makes things very easy set up and disassemble a rack or cabinet depending upon your requirement.

There is no other way in my opinion to properly design and create compelling furniture. If you have a great idea but don't know how to turn that idea into an actual product, then the chances of it being made are low.

The craftsmen of my company have rich experience of over 15 years in the industry. The craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced, they have knowledge of building plans, drawings and various other aspects related to a particular architectural design. They work under strict supervision of the project manager for their work to ensure perfection.

All Services under one roof

  • Civil work

  • Our Interior service includes executing Civil jobs like wall demolition, wall construction, tiling, Italian marble fixing, and complete bathroom renovation. Construction of quartz kitchen platform is one of the most recommended options in our projects now a days. We are associated with numerous quartz manufacturers companies like AGL, Kalinga, Hafele, Hettich. In several projects there are quite a few jobs like fabrication of granite platform with sink for utility / dry balcony with dado tiling. Lots of our clients change windows during renovations so we need to construct windows sills, for pergolas fixing roof shingles are executed as per the client’s requirements.
  • Air- Conditioning/ Plumbing / electrification

  • In today's world, with the advancement in technology and the increasing demand for internet services and other electronic devices, many people have started looking for ways to connect their devices with the internet wirelessly. People have now started demanding LAN WIRING services which help them in establishing a wireless internet connection according to their requirements.
  • Centralized Air-conditioning has become quite an integral part of our projects, whether its couple of Acs installations or total HVAC solutions for villas, we offer professional air-conditioning of various brands and centralized exhaust systems that are sure to keep your home cool and comfortable.
  • PEX piping or CPVC plumbing is common in our projects. We do undertake complete bathroom modernization including water proofing.
  • Fabrication/Windows

  • We are one of the leading window service providers in the market. We offer the best quality windows replacement and repair services to our customers. Our team of professionals can assure you with the best products for your home.
  • False-ceiling

  • False ceilings play a vital role in an interior design. They are used to protect the walls and ceiling from water, dust and some other harmful effects of airborne particles. There are various raw materials used for making false ceilings like plaster of Paris, gypsum board, wallboard, aluminum panel, wood etc., which are used to provide optimum light transmission and insulation that is required by our clients.
  • Carpentry

  • Our service is reasonably priced, and quality is not compromised. We have experienced craftsmen who can do all type of furniture making, from traditional to contemporary and laminate, acrylic, veneer work. Consider us for the best in-house services for luxury made furniture.
  • Polishing and Painting

  • Modernize your home design by making the walls and other rooms in your home more luminous, vibrant, and appealing. There are several options to choose from when you need to start painting your interiors. The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of color scheme you would like to use in your home. While taking this decision, keep in mind the size of the room and the type of paint that you will be using. You should also think about how often your walls and rooms are used; some colors may become less desirable over time.
  • Whatever be the kind of your project, budget and color preferences are the main criteria governing our painting work. Our team of interior designers observe these factors while planning painting schema and give significant importance to them. It is always challenging to create a painting schema for new ambiance or rooms. Our team believe that final output is commanded by right painting which could turn out to be either a great success or an utter failure! We suggest variety of paints like texture paints, stencils work, artwork considering over factors like light exposure, height etc. Professional painters with vast experience are deployed on the job who use branded material from Dulux, Asian etc.
  • Balcony decoration

  • Looking for a totally professional balcony decoration solution, with facilities like seating arrangement, barbeque station, planter stands, Zula / swing etc. Do you want to give your balcony proper planned seating arrangement? Let’s talk to us! We have team to offer exclusive outdoor furniture solutions for balconies, so you can feel the cool, crisp air of early mornings, a morning cup of tea, and a comfy space to sit down and read. Our balcony designers will surely help you get the trendy furniture for your space.
  • Product designing and execution

  • Team at decorMyPlace is committed to craft beautiful, practical, and functional spaces for you that you will love for long duration. With experience of over more than 2100 projects (till 2022) in this field and passion for luxury interior design, we cater to every demand of our client from around the world. At decorMyPlace, we have team to design the luxury products from the scratch especially pieces like dining, sofas, console units etc. Team has experts like metal designers, granite designers, solid surface, epoxy designers.
  • Styling

  • We believe that your interior design should be about you. From initial consultation to final decoration, we craft a stylish atmosphere for your home that is inspired by your lifestyle and values. Your interior remodel includes a dedicated styling team who is prepared to help you find the perfect look for your space. We’re committed to crafting a stunning atmosphere for your family, without compromising on the quality of service or cost-effectiveness that surely sets us apart as one of the best Interior Designers in Baner Pune.

Modern carpentry manufacturing Unit

At decorMyPlace we are not just an Interior designing company, but a team of experts in the field of furniture finishing. At decorMyPlace, there has been a continuous focus to improve the overall furniture finishing of every piece we fabricate for you. This approach has led us to set up our factory or modular furniture unit that is equipped with modern wood working machines like Alterndorf, Homag, Elgi world leader brads, this set up makes us one of the those few Interior designers in Baner with such facility. Few other machines are edge banding, compressors, dryers, and paint sprays etc. This investment has surely resulted into better client's satisfaction making us the best Interior designing company in Pune market today."