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Project Info

  • Client Name

    Mr. Shashikant Patil and Mrs. Vibha Patil
  • Project Area

    Western Hills, Baner Sus Road, Pune
  • Duration

    2 Month Designing
  • Execution

    3.5 Months Execution
  • Material Used

    Teak wood, Veneers, Laminates, glass, Aluminum profile shutters, Mdf, MS frames, Solid Shutters, Acrylic sheets, Full Body Tiles, Hettich Fittings, fabrics, Murphy bed fitting etc.


The Patil couple, both in their early fifties, had been residing in Dubai for the past few years and decided to make a significant investment in their retirement home by purchasing a villa. They had booked this property in 2017 with the expectation of receiving possession in 2020. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the possession was delayed, and they finally received it in the middle of 2021.

Anticipating the construction phase, the Patil family began their search for an interior designing company in 2019. After thorough research, including reviews and interviews with various interior designing firms, they chose the decorMyPlace team as their trusted interior partner. Prior to finalizing their decision, the family even visited several ongoing sites managed by decorMyPlace to ensure the company's capabilities and suitability for their project.

The Patil family specifically sought an interior design firm with a strong track record in working with teak wood and veneers, particularly in crafting innovative designs for their kitchen and pooja space. They had a clear vision of completing the project within a specified budget while incorporating unique false ceiling designs that could accommodate various types of lighting, including focus lighting, ambient lighting, functional lighting, and mood lighting.

This client was insisting on Ethnic Interiors that embraces the rich and diverse cultural aesthetics of various regions, infusing spaces with a unique and authentic charm. It draws inspiration from traditional elements, indigenous crafts, and historical artistry to create a warm and culturally resonant atmosphere. Incorporating vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and traditional artifacts, ethnic interior design seeks to evoke a sense of cultural identity and heritage within a living space. This style often involves the use of handcrafted furniture, textiles, and accessories, contributing to a distinctive and inviting ambiance that reflects the beauty of different cultures.

For the living room, the couple desired a distinctive touch, opting for TV unit panels with bricks patterns, later painted with a carefully selected color. Despite the delicacy of the task, the project was executed with precision and success, thanks to the skilled workmanship employed by the decorMyPlace team.


"As we approached the final stages of acquiring our apartment, our quest for the top interior designing company in Pune began. We were unwavering in our commitment to not compromise on the quality of interiors, recognizing that this space would be our dream home. We sought a team capable of providing layout planning that accommodated these unique room shapes. In our initial meeting with the decorMyPlace team, we precisely received the right layout planning, establishing an instant connection.

Nestled amidst hills and lush greenery, our Villa demanded special attention to balcony decoration. The decorMyPlace team delivered beyond our expectations, and we now find immense joy in the final output. This beautifully adorned balcony has become our retreat, allowing us to relish serenity and contemplate our future over a cup of coffee."

About The Firm

We are group of professionals with an average of more than 15 yrs. of experience in SERVICE INDUSTRY in Indian as well as in international market.

In short span of time we have accumulated an impressive track record in this region of credibility and trust.To reach out to more and more clients we have been investing in grooming several interior designers and designing enthusiastic.

We firmly believe that interior design industry in India is in nascent stage and will grow drastically and decormyplace hope to contribute immensely to the development of this industry as we build on our credentials and accolades.

Team understands the challenges of home decor industry especially balancing the three most important pillars Budget, Delivery Schedule and Creativity with durability.

Decormyplace wish to be a trusted partner for large number of Indian satisfied clients who turn to us for our vision and promise to deliver a home, your lifestyle representation.

What We Offer

Our team visits premises, understands your detailed requirement and make a budgetary estimation in tabular format for carpentry, false ceiling, electrification, etc. it’s absolutely free.


We buy in bulk, we are registered as an OEM with many manufacturers, thus the cost of procurement is lesser and we pass on this bulk buying benefits to clients.


In-house material studio for laminates, veneers, stones, hardware, wallpapers, fabric reduces material selection time almost by 75% and avoid the hassle of traveling.


As we work on fixed price structure, you absolutely need not worry about the wastage of material, our stringent technical checks make wastage almost impossible.


Creativity is the most important virtue of the whole project, designers always offer stylish designs using various shapes, materials, colours. Admiration is guaranteed.


Carpentry, electrification, plumbing, false ceiling, masonry, solid wood works, painting, fabrication etc. all under one roof, seamless co-ordination with all the vendors.