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Mumbai being one of the costliest cities for real-estate, buying a big house is always a remote dream for most of the families, so maximum utilization of smaller spaces is going to be the key.

Presenting few of the tips to make sure your small apartment looks bigger and neat.

Use light colours: -

The use of light colors makes the room look large and more spacious. Light colors tend to reflect light due to which the room looks more spacious and bigger. The use of colors such as white or pastels makes the space appear larger and brighter.

Install lightings: -

Adequate lighting can make the space feel larger. Add cabinet and pendent lighting for a larger space. This will light up your small space into a larger one. Adding light under the cabinets which is the dingy areas this will lit up the whole room and make your space look large and spacious.

Use open shelving: -

Open shelving especially in kitchens rather than close cabinets will make your space look big and airy. We must avoid bulkiness in the rooms and kitchen. Avoid using closed shelves which will make your room look bulkier and closed. Open shelving will add up space to your rooms and kitchens.

Choose a minimalist design:

Minimalist designs are in trend these days. We can avoid too many items in the rooms. This will make the room and kitchen look big and spacious. Minimalist interiors are the best tools to make the apartment look spacious and big.

Hire a reliable interior designer: -

It is very important to hire a reliable interior designer who will by using their skills will make the space look bigger yet spacious . Make sure the designer had worked in minimalist interiors. Study their works make sure they use the space in the best possible way by de-cluttering the space with too many items. The designer will help you out with various techniques to make the space look bigger and spacious.

Avoid too much furniture: -

Considering a design to make it spacious we must avoid too much furniture in the rooms. Adding too much furniture will make the space look busy and heavy. So, it’s better to avoid too much furniture.

Avoid busy walls: -

We must avoid busy walls which will make your apartment look busy and cluttered, avoid too many artifacts or frames on walls or too much texture paints. These busy walls will make your room look small yet cluttered. Adding picture gallery and making the wall look heavy will make your apartment look cluttered and busy. To make the rooms look spacious avoid using a busy wallpaper.

Add Mirrors: -

Using of mirrors in an apartment makes the apartment look spacious and grand. We can make the entire wall of mirror which tends to reflect. This will give a reflective surface to the wall and will make the space look large and big.

Keep furniture clean lined: -

The right furniture is critical to maximizing the available square footage without making your home looked cramped. For instance, you can set up a dining table bench against the wall instead of chairs, that would surely give cleaner view and bigger view of wall behind table.

Use multifunctional furniture: -

We must use multifunctional furniture to avoid cluttered space. The use of multifunctional furniture will make your apartment look spacious and elegant. Adding the furniture likemurphy bed. Wall mounted dining table will add up space to your rooms.

Hope these pointers will be helpful in making your small Mumbai apartment look large, spacious, and grand.

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