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Get rid of tiny articles

Getting rid of tiny article which are not even noticeable will give your interior look spacious adding single big article rather than small articles like small plants, tiny frames must be avoided . Even gallery wall makes your interior look cluttered and small. Avoiding gallery walls and putting a single big artistic frame will make your interior look big.

Get rid of big sofas.

Sofas play a very vital role in your living rooms it can change the way your living room space . Getting rid of big sofas in small rooms is the key to make your space look big and spacious. This will not only make your room look big but also give your living room a space of its own.

Stop dumping things in your home for the sake of design.

Just for the sake of design stop putting too many things in your home which will create a disturbance in space and movement. Just dumping things on wall and floor will clutter your design and make it look very busy . This should be avoided to get a spacious feeling in the house.

Select warm colors in your home: -

Selection of colours plays a very vital role in getting your dream home executed . Warm colour gives the illusion of a big room. Avoid darker shades in the rooms. Monochromatic colours are also great option to try. To make your space look big lighter shades can do wonders.

Avoid disproportionate rugs :-

We must avoid disproportionate rugs in the house this will not only make the house look disproportionate but will also hamper the look of the house. Keeping in mind the size of the furniture and size of the rug is very important rug size must be selected according to the size of the furniture keeping too big rug in a small furniture may spoil the look. Keeping the small rug in the large furniture will again spoil the look.

Plan your space with appropriate furniture:-

Hire an interior designer who plans the space appropriately. keeping in mind the proportions of the rooms and the space this will not only make your house look systematic but will also make your house look spacious. Hiring the correct interior designer is the key to make your space look spacious, systematic and neat. Planning the space is the major factor which affects the look of the house.

Plan your tv unit properly:-

Planning the tv unit at the right height is very important. Keeping a tv unit lower or higher may lead to problems in your neck. Tv unit must be at the level and at the right distance from the eye.

Look at the size of the coffee table: -

Do plan your coffee table according to your sofa spacing and keeping in mind the area of the living room. Keep the living room space more spacious and neater. Keep the correct size of coffee table to make your living room more clutter free and away from any distractions. This reflects the sense of area of the living room keep in mind the space and plan your furniture accordingly.

Don’t mix so many pattern: -

Follow single pattern stop mixing so many patterns in a single design follow a simple pattern of design which will not make your room look shabby and busy.

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