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decormyplace doesn’t end the project with the delivery of furniture itself, we believe in long term relationship with client wherever we work. As most of the furniture is under the constant usage it may develop slight issues like misalignment of hinges or hinges getting jammed, few sliders may get jammed and may need oiling and greasing. Handles screws may get loosen due to constant usage or may be misalignment of tower bolts, absolutely need not worry, decormyplace service team is here to always address such issues at short notice.

                This warranty applies for all manufacturing defects under conditions of normal household usage and does not apply to damage resulting from negligence, misuse, exposure, accidents or commercial usage. Under the terms of this warranty, decormyplace will attend service issues like miss alignment of hinges, handles, noise of any hardware, any laminate pasting issue. This warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage, such as scratches by pointed or sharp objects, damage due to use of any chemicals, cracks due to impact or general wear and tear due to abnormal usage conditions. There is no warranty for any mirrors or glasses, we use high quality glasses like Saint Gobain, Modi Guard and Hindustan National Glass etc. Hardware warranty is passed on to the client as per the brand warranty we get from the manufacturer i.e. back to back warranty, if there is any problem in hardware will notify to the manufacturer and try to get it replaced if it is covered under the warranty. If there is any warranty for the Laminates from the manufacturer it is passed on back to back to the client, decormyplace undertakes the repairing if issues like laminate pasting etc. are noticed.                                                   

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