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Murphy Bed Pune

Murphy bed or wall folding bed is actually a folding bed that gets folded on wall surface to save 70 – 80 percent carpet space needed for traditional beds. In Pune Decormyplace team has provided Murphy bed solution to more than 100 clients in societies like 24K, AMIT BLOOMFIELDS, YASHWIN Balewadi etc. MURPHY or folding bed was mostly suggested for guest room and kid’s room where the usage of bed is lesser as compared to other bedrooms.

We designed these systems in collaboration with very experienced mechanical engineer, these are made with mild steel and powder coated to give long lasting anti corrosion treatment. Murphy bed just takes 10 inches depth space to get folded on wall instead of 6.5 ft that makes it look highly sleek and elegant. The external panelling surface can be decorated in variety of ways like fixing wallpaper or large photo frame or world map and many more options.

As per the client’s requirement we have option to make these bed as single bed, double bed or 5 ft length to 7 ft length, we have developed vertical murphy beds as well as horizontal beds to suit your requirement.

We can even add some automation in these fitting with the help of heavy motors which can be operated with the help of remote controller, this type of luxurious options we have given in few of the bungalows.

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