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DecorMyPlace is the best solution for your query.

  • We used to be through no capacity concerned in hiring an indoors dressmaker for our home.
  • decorMyPlace is one of the Best interior decorators in pune. Get the Best interior designer Team in Affordable Prices.
  • Our Designer crew is full of energy and enthusiasm. Always reachable. They used to be very dedicated and honest, which is very tough to discover in this field.
  • One of the wonderful alternatives we made for our home is, pick out Area Plan Design with the best interior decorator in pune, decorMyPlace.
  • We are as soon as impressed with the aid of their professionalism right from the first meeting, and the home decor went without a glitch.  

Our team visits premises, understands your detailed requirement and make a budgetary estimation in tabular format for carpentry, false ceiling, electrification, etc. it’s absolutely free.

  • 20 % COST SAVING

We buy in bulk, we are registered as an OEM with many manufacturers, thus the cost of procurement is lesser and we pass on this bulk buying benefits to clients.

  • 75 % TIME SAVING

In-house material studio for laminates, veneers, stones, hardware, wallpapers, fabric reduces material selection time almost by 75% and avoid the hassle of traveling to hardware markets in traffic jams.

  • 0 % WASTAGE

As we work on fixed price structure, you absolutely need not worry about the wastage of material, our stringent technical checks make wastage almost impossible.


Creativity is the most important virtue of the whole project, designers always offer stylish designs using various shapes, materials, colours. Admiration is guaranteed.


Carpentry, electrification, plumbing, false ceiling, masonry, solid wood works, painting, fabrication etc. all under one roof, seamless co-ordination with all the vendors for faster delivery.