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Genuine High Quality Raw Material


At DecorMyPlace we have long term contracts with most of manufacturing companies to source the genuine high quality raw material directly, this avoids the chance of getting duplicate material. Market is flooded with duplicate plywood, hardware, laminates and even paints, unless one have thorough experience and eye for the details its very difficult to identify the difference between original and replicas. Our experts always cross check the specifications like ISI certifications of raw material, thickness, uniformity across the surface, bonding materials and many more parameters to judge the quality regularly. We are equipped with all the techniques and tools to check the quality of any interior related products. 

If the raw material is expensive there are higher chances of duplication, we came across many such cases in last few years where we noticed vendors in market pushing replicas as well, especially for expensive exclusive hardware. To avoid such incidences, decorMyPlace tied up directly with the manufacturing companies so that whatever material we source it comes directly from the manufacturer, with this direct procurement arrangement we could avoid chance of duplicate material. 

At decorMyPlace we follow ISO processes rigorously we have arrangement of quite a few tools like Vernier callipers, screw-gauges etc. which help us keep on checking the uniform thickness and strengths of various raw material and over a period of time we devised various ways of testing plywood strengths, block-board etc. 

Even the styling material like wallpapers etc are available in market which are replicas of world famous wallpaper brands but are printed locally without the original finesse, so it is very important to know the genuine importers who are actually in this business, at decorMyPlace we have identified quite a few importers who are genuine importers and provide world class products. 

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