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A profession as an Interior Decorator or Interior Designer in the design sector can be quite lucrative. Working in design could be ideal for you to develop your creative muscles if you respect art, a flair for creativity, and a great eye for detail.

What is the distinction between interior design and interior decorating?

There may not appear to be much of a distinction between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer on the surface. However, while these two occupations are comparable, they are not identical. Interior Designers, unlike Interior Decorators, can make architectural alterations to a room.

This article will discuss the small differences between these two career options and how to get started as a Designer or Decorator.

What is the role of an interior decorator?

An Interior Designer collaborates with customers to choose décor elements for a new or existing space. An Interior Decorator could be enlisted to select furniture, color palettes, and textiles for an existing room. It might be a client's home that needs a makeover or a restaurant that wants to create a unique environment with its décor choices.

As an Interior Decorator, you'll need to work closely with clients to figure out what they want and need. As you handle various projects, manage design budgets, liaise with suppliers, draw out new ideas, and investigate the newest trends, your days will be busy and varied.

Interior decorators work in a variety of settings.

You can work for a company or yourself as an interior decorator. While you'll usually have your own office space to work in, you'll also be on the go a lot.

Alternately, you may work in the retail industry. This means you'd be working in a customer-facing role, assisting consumers in finding and selecting the proper kind of décor, such as flooring, tiles, drapes, furniture, soft furnishings, centerpieces, and other home décor items.

How do I go about becoming an interior designer?

According to the Australian government's Job Outlook website, most persons working in this industry have a VET certificate (41.1% of workers). While working in the business without a certification, completing a VET program can help you stand out when applying for positions. Given the tiny size of the business and the strong rivalry, a qualification can make all the difference in your future chances.

What is the role of an interior designer?

An Interior Designer differs from an Interior Decorator in that they are trained to make architectural design alterations and assist with the decoration of a place. Interior designers frequently strive to create spaces that are not only attractive but also practical.

Interior Designers may work with new and old structures, whilst Interior Decorators frequently work with existing spaces to breathe new life into an old building.

Interior designers operate in a variety of settings.

Interior Designers, like Interior Decorators, can work for large or small businesses or themselves. Many interior designers focus on a specific area, such as residential, business, heritage, retail buildings, restaurants, hotels and resorts, hospitals, or even stage sets.

What steps do I need to take to become an interior designer?

According to the government's Job Outlook website, most Interior Designers have a Certificate III or higher.

If you want to pursue a profession in interior design, a Diploma in Interior Design is an excellent place to start. You can enter the sector with a diploma and then find your specialization. With a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design, you could even continue your education at university.

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