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More and more urbanization is leading to cluster developments, in other words people are shifting from individual houses to apartments, thus in metros there are no individual houses with their individual gardens and people are having choices of only balconies or galleries attached to their living or dining rooms. Here we are giving you important tips for designing and decorating small or big balconies and galleries.


The first differentiating factor between your internal apartment and balcony is the flooring, it is advised to keep the gallery flooring at least 8-15 mm lower than the room flooring so that in rainy season water does not come inside the apartment. It is very important to keep the right slope of flooring so that during heavy rains water flows down the drain fast. We at decorMyPlace offer various flooring options like much-coveted wooden floor, imported PVC planks flooring or you can opt an artificial grass carpet. In few balconies we even used textures with decorative colorful pebbles added to the periphery.


Most of the times we get one or two or even three walls in the balcony area and that gives an opportunity for having an accent wall. We generally choose a wall which offers us the largest area so that we put our imagination in reality by using various options like with textured painting, stone cladding, fabricated structure, wooden frames, vertical garden or some fiber sculptures. At decorMyPlace team believes an accent wall is an excellent way to transform your gallery – balcony.


The main purpose of beautiful balcony is to offer a place to relax and unwind there, alone or with the friends and families, so relaxing seating arrangement is must, if the balcony is small then we recommend foldable but relaxing seating arrangement. Weather proof seating like bistro sets, deck chairs or foldable benches are the most recommended options for balcony. There are various creative ways of seating arrangements like using old tyres with cushion, fabricated structures, granite counters with cushions etc. In case of balcony with roof we can even choose wooden furniture and for spacious balcony bean bags or a plush two-seater can be added. A foldable or fixed table choice will be dependent on size of the balcony but it its must to have one table, definitely there is need of a place for drinks and snacks. In leisure time it will be handy to play a game with friends and family members.


At decorMyPlace, team has recommended various types of ceiling options to clients for their balconies and galleries. If you wish to give look of shack we first fabricate powder coated tin shed and from internally we can fix some kind of natural bamboo designs or there are PVC planks available that can give look of wooden planks and are 100 percent water proof. We have few other options like polycarbonate sheet, acrylic sheet that can act as shade as well as transparent enough to have light in the balcony.


We always try to make your balcony as a great evening hangout spot, so lighting plays an important role. We recommend various options like hanging lights, green highlighters for palm trees, few battery powered lights can also be considered especially those can be spread over trees. If your balcony is open to sunlight then few good quality solar lights can also be considered to save power and those can be operational throughout the year.


One of the important tips for designing and decorating balconies and galleries is the decoration with the planters, it adds the soothing green effect to you balcony, for bigger balcony we recommend trees like palms and for small gallery we have options of flower planters that adds color to your balcony, one can mix natural and artificial flowers in the balcony. You can even spray paint the pots with bright and bold colours.


Sometimes there is situation, balcony is completely exposed or visible to all the surrounding apartments so privacy is big problem, in such situations we recommend suitable exterior grade curtains or draperies. Sometimes it may sound unconventional idea, but it is necessary to have the privacy from the surrounding neighbors, especially when you have party with friends.


Colors surely affect our mood. We always try to understand from our client if they need high energy or calming effect in their balconies and depending on their choices we plan the colours in balcony. We even suggest the props of various colours like braided rugs, bamboo shades, or wicker furniture, flowers, tiles, cushions.


One optional element can be added in balcony to spruce up the overall experience of balcony with birds chirps, a bird feeder can be hanged in balcony to invite feathered little friends to the balcony. Strategical placement of bird feeder is very important to avoid soiling the balcony floor with bird droppings.

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