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If you are looking through the latest kitchen designs and quick kitchen decorating ideas, decormyplace team got few quick and easy decorating tips for you, especially about how to give kitchen update at reasonable cost and time. The best part is that these decorating tips can mix and match conveniently to create a beautiful functional kitchen.

Minimalistic furnishing in bedroom is the need of an hour especially in metro cities, so designer shall plan basic must furniture in bedroom like a bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser and chair may be optional. Anything more than this may create clutter, if you have walk in, place a chest of drawers in the walk-in.


At decormyplace you will get the options of multiple materials to create your kitchen platform, we have options like the granite of various colors, artificial stones, and quartz. Now a day’s quartz is in fashion for kitchen platform, there are various shades of quartz available which generally ranges from 300 Rs to 700 Rs per square ft. Many times we recommend not to do any masonry work, we can make a complete platform of plywood and then paste the granite or quartz on this frame to avoid any masonry work. Every method has pros and cons, civil work structure will be long-lasting but will create a lot of mess during execution. The ready made plywood box with quartz pasting will not create any mess during execution, it will be completely dust-free method but it may lead to leakages on the backside i.e. near backsplash as that will be sealed with silicon which may get loosen over a period of time and may lead to maintenance.

Nowadays for the modern kitchen, we frequently recommend quartz due to its non-porous characteristics, there are quite a few advantages of this non-porosity like it gives resistivity bacteria and mold contamination.

A lot of people are not aware that quartz, in reality, harder than granite and that makes it more durable, you can consider quartz as nearly indestructible and it is not porous like granite, that gives an edge over granite. In India quartz slabs are available in various thicknesses like 12mm, 15 mm, 18mm, etc, it may vary with brands.


What is backsplash? The backside paneling or tiling on the kitchen counter is called as a backsplash and it helps you play around with color in your kitchen along with helping you to protect the walls and keep your kitchen hygiene maintained, rather protected. In short, a backsplash is a must and perfect backsplash can add a lot of style to your kitchen. It helps you create a subtle pop in a quiet and neutral kitchen or add to an already bold kitchen with soothing liner. Is your kitchen cozy, rustic or sleek and modern it does not matter there are enough styles of backsplashes available in the market to help you decorate your dream kitchen? Nowadays we have various trendy options for dado tiles and toughened glass backsplash, you have the option to fix dado tiles up to just 2 ft of height or on the complete wall in the kitchen. There are various types of tiles available in the market like digital tiles, printed tiles, handmade tiles, highlighters, etc. Tiles also come in various sizes like 1×1, 1×1.5, 1×2, etc. based on the size of the kitchen these tiles can be selected and fitted vertically or horizontally based on the designs and dimensions. Moreover, nowadays many people have started using decorative glass as a backsplash in modern kitchen themes, there are various types of designer backsplash options available in the market. Decormyplace is the best interior designer in Pune.

But avoid selecting backsplash before countertop, the first thing you shall pick up in your kitchen is countertop and then match the backsplash material like ceramic or porcelain tile, glass panel, natural stone slabs or in some cases exposed suede brick structure. In rare cases, one may use the metal panels if the design demands.


If you research well you will notice that lot of effort has been put in the development of Modular kitchen by Europeans, there are many companies in Europe like Hafele, Hettich, Grass, Blum, Kesseböhmer, Rehau etc. those have been developing various modern hardware options for Modular Kitchen. Modern hardware includes tandem boxes, soft close hinges and sliders, corner units to utilize the corner space, special tandem boxes under sink, rolling shutter fittings etc. There are many modern fittings have been introduced for uplifting the overhead cabinet shutters i.e. door lift mechanism from BLUM and various other companies. Before choosing any fitting do check their brochures available online, you will easily get to know the functionalities and features of all these hardware fittings, you will also get to know their capacities and sizes that will help you to understand if any particular fitting can be used in your kitchen or not.


This brings the actual look to your kitchen, again European companies played important role in developing various luxurious fascia material to give luxurious look to your kitchen. An array of range of fascia are available in market for selection like Natural Wood, Boiling Waterproof Plywood, Lacquered, Glass, Acrylic, customized solid surfaces etc. There are various companies like Alvic, Europlak, Rehau especially European companies putting lots of effort to come up with various colours and designs for furniture fascia material. In India many people select the laminate from laminate catalogue and wish to use that for kitchen fascia, in case you are doing this we will recommend you to go for edge band around the fascia edge to protect the edges from any water sipping. It is recommended to go for fascia which is made in factory so that finishing is good and edge band is fitted with edge band machine that heat ups to 180 degrees.

Apart from solid shutters you can use glass shutters especially for overhead storages either made with same material like lower shutters or aluminum profile shutters, there are options


Handles add beauty and functionality to your kitchen, there are various types of handles available now a days in market, the small, sleek and functional handles can be good option if you are not looking for the bold look. For bold look you can opt for long chromium finish handles that defines the horizontal bold line in kitchen. More and more handles profiles are getting introduced by companies like Hafele, there is one very specific GOLA profile that helps to create kitchen without handles, through this GOLA profile you get access to shutters.

In recent days, there are long end to end edge handles are available in market in various shapes like G, J or L these are mostly made in aluminum and available in various finishes like core aluminum, stainless steel finish, rose gold , chromium brush finish etc. In case you are looking for absolutely clean finish without handles then you can choose push to open drawer systems that can be opened just with slight pushing.


Especially in apartments where the space is always in shortage, it’s quite challenging to find storage in a kitchen that runs into other areas of the home. You can create hidden cabinets and few compartments under the island, you can even hang floating shelves on walls may be of designer shapes. Now a days there are multiple fittings available which can be used to create vertical storages like larder unit that comes in two heights and 2-3 width options, this will help you store large amount of mid-size kitchen boxes. Similarly various sizes of tall units are available like 1ft, 1.5 ft and 2 ft wide etc, these units give you large vertical space with various patterns of storages that looks chic and modern. Under the sink you can have drawer system that has space cut in the middle for pipe and on both the sides you can store sanitary items and detergents. You may opt for two dustbin fittings on the doors under the sink. Wicker basket is again one good option to store onions and potatoes that will impart the style factor to your kitchen.


Preparation and cooking is ideally the prime activities in kitchen so one must think of task lighting for these activities, we will suggest ceiling downlights and under unit lights well placed for your regular kitchen tasks like cutting vegetables, mixing flour, garnishing etc.


Accent lighting is generally used to softly highlight the various kitchen elements like island, dining table, even the illuminating shelves within cabinets can provide accent lighting. Highlighting these features will create a warm backlight to create soothing atmosphere in the evening. We will even recommend LED strips under breakfast bars and beneath ‘floating’ kitchen islands to create the Ambient lighting that can be controlled by dimmers. Always go with very good and durable brand of led strips as changing led strips is cumbersome activity.


You can go with a monochromatic palette like grey, black, and white and still can add colors with the help of few artifacts in a couple of colors.

Neutral theme involves a neutral kitchen by using different neutral shades like gray, ivory, cream and various textures into the kitchen spaces.

If you love bold colours then go for modern decorating style with high glossy kitchen fascia finish with Vanilla white or frosty white and cherry red glossy fascia.

If you are addressing a shortage of square inches and have the challenge of tiny kitchen that will require careful and highly creative planning, you can get a burst of charm from traditionally bright and glossy lemon and turquoise.

On the contrary, if you are handling the intimidating tasks of decorating larger kitchen a neutral palette can be suggested for the larger items, this will give you greater flexibility and freedom to update surrounding like dinning runners, chair textiles etc. Overhead lighting, countertop accessories, bar stools can be given more lived-in feel with the help of a touch of turquoise, these are the strategic spots for working in bright bursts of color.


Before using first hammer to demolish your old kitchen, do plan your new kitchen layout considering all the required storages. One must consider the electricals requirement upfront so that during reconstruction of kitchen there are no surprises, more and more electricals equipment are getting introduced in kitchen like mixer, juicer, toaster, water purifier, chimney, hob, microwave, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, sink food waste disposer, fridge, induction hob and many more. One must plan meticulously for all the electrical points considering the amperage of current required for the various equipment.

In a luxury kitchen, you may opt for electronic sliders, uplift systems for which you need a power supply as per the location of these storages.


Like electrification, plumbing is also a very important aspect of modern kitchen and that has to be planned in well advance a single error in plumbing can cost you thousands as it involves breaking of tiles, waterproofing, etc. One must plan proper plumbing connections for washing machines, water purifiers whether its under-counter or over the counter, dishwasher, sink, etc.

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