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Every kid is different in itself so naturally their rooms have to be different, rather than getting deeper into the style of designing, one must understand the type of interest of the individual kids. There are various interest we have observed among kids like science, sports, history, video gaming, arts like music, painting and many more so the challenge is to make the room special for your child where he or she can get connected with their interests the moment they enter in their rooms and that's the biggest challenge while designing your kids room. Being one of the best interior designers and decorators in Pune and Mumbai at decorMyPlace we have trained our designers to handle kid's room designs with the special touch. In short, its unique challenge to design and decorate your kid's room, you may be dealing with 9 year upcoming badminton star or a pre-teen princess obsessed with modelling dreams. The necessity is to make sure the end result is loved by kid and there has to be feeling of heavenly freshness, youthful energy and highly functional furniture for current as well as kid's future needs.


As we all know there are few essential pieces of furniture in every kids bedroom so we need to plan for bed, study table, storage for study material, if possible small play area or activity area like if the dancing is interest then use one of the walls to put the large mirrors so that kid can practice dance. Some storage area for toys and may be one hanger for kids cycle. If the room is very small then we recommend wall bed or Murphy bed that can create room for activities. At decorMyPlace we trained team with knowledge of foldable furniture like foldable bed, foldable study tables, trundle bed or if required platform bed can be suggested in bigger room, with experience of more than 100 kids room designing experience we can say decorMyPlace is probably the best interior designers and decorators in Pune and Mumbai for kids room designing challenge.


It is utmost important to teach your kids few basics of the life at an early age and one of them is to stay organized, so it is very important to organize intelligently work zone and play zone in kinds area. We generally recommend to place the study table near a window to ensure child get plenty of natural light and fresh air, these natural resources surely help in keeping the energy high while studying. In order to improve the concentration while studying we can use some basic Vastu tips. Designers at decorMyPlace are trained to find out the ways to create enough storage for books and stationery so that kid understand the importance of tidiness and room will always look uncluttered and tidy. For study are we recommend subtle or neutral shades and in play zone we prefer bright colours.


There are various ways of representing kids interest in the room and graphics is one of the most economical and effective way of putting kids interest related messages or pictures in room. One can use walls, wardrobe fascia to put up the graphics and that can really brighten up the room at very minimal budget.  You may use kids favorite cartoon characters, inspirational messages or pics of science models or may be chemistry formula. Real life icons on wardrobe can be very effective of communication and moreover it can be changed as the kid grows older.


Colour has to match with the youthful energy of any kid, mostly we recommend peppy colours as it does not get boared in long term. Designers at decorMyPlace generally interact with kid to understand their favourate colour choices and use the couple of matching shades from the pallette. The other props we use for adding the colors in the room are bedspreads, blinds, rugs, mats and may be couple of kid's snaps.

Along with bringing the warmth of the colour rugs create additional space to stretch out, sit out and play with favorite toys or board games with their friends and even offer good space to work on the projects. We generally prefer Rugs over wall to wall carpets as its easier to remove them and clean. Rugs can be customized to bring in to colour themes of your kid's room and other surrounding elements.


There are always few stuff which we wish to keep very handy and may be used as an exhibit for such items we have open shelves storage option, the advantage of such shelves or wall storage they absolutely do not take any floor space but offer good storage option. We generally create open shelves of various shapes and sizes to add further beauty to walls of the kid’s room. As an added benefit, being off the floor they hardly take up any space at all.


At decorMyPlace designing team is trained to handle one of the biggest challenge of kids room designing�i.e. as the kids grows up the need of upgrade is always there, their interest change, their sports change and sometimes their heros change too, we must keep room for all these upgrades while planning kid�s room interiors. One way to keep room upgrade ready is to go for a neutral scheme and accessorize with colourful artifacts like photo frames, toys, project works etc. designer always spare extra space to add on few more storage units or move in a bigger bed.

We always talk to kids during the whole process of styling your kid�s room, our designers always make sure to take his or her preferences, habits into account. We firmly believe that every child is unique in his or her own way, and it�s always great to go with suggestions and ideas given by kids, this whole designing exercise can actually work as bonding activity between parents and kids and will be cherished for long time to come, sometimes may be lifetime.

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