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Is your kitchen showing its age? Maybe now is the time to give it a facelift. Each kitchen may have worn down differently. Whether you want to go all out and give it a bottom-up makeover or just make a few cosmetic changes, you can make that decision based on what your budget is and how much of a timeline you have to invest in this project. Be it low cost simple kitchen designs or high-end luxury make over, here are some pro tips that will help you in giving your kitchens a touch of modernity.

Plan before you begin:

There is a famous saying that rings loud and clear in all walks of life- “If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail.” In any redesigning project, planning forms the base to a successful project. Budgeting the project and assigning timelines will get you halfway there. All you need to do is to align the execution to the two. Decide what design aesthetic you are going to stick to, because the kitchen will have to follow the same design direction to make it look put together. If all this seems like Hebrew, then it is best to bring an expert on board who can do all the planning and execution for you.

Upgrade your metals:

If your kitchen has not received an upgrade in a long time, then it is certain that your kitchen is still homing old materials, including the hardware. With the rapid increase in innovations in modern designs, we are now exposed to a plethora of options in impressive hardware that would fit perfectly into your kitchens and make them look beautiful and functional at the same time. You can try your hands on any of the innovative metal designs that are available in the market today, from the classic stainless steel to matte aluminium to brushed gold to copper.

Consider new flooring options:

If you feel that the kitchen floors have lost their charm, even after all the rigorous elbow scrubbing that you have done to make them shine, then maybe consider having new flooring. Flooring of the kitchen is a widely ignored aspect that needs attention for the long life and efficiency of the kitchen. Now that you are making that switch, you have a wide range of kitchen tile design that you can pick from; one that blends in with the kitchen cabinetry and also comes together with the rest of your home.

Paint the walls or get the tiling:

Nothing does the magic of brightening up your spaces like a coat of fresh paint. It is the easiest, fastest way to uplift your kitchen and make it look vibrant and inviting. A lot of you may not be convinced with painting the walls of your kitchens. You can opt for wall tiles to add beauty to your kitchens. It is also a great way to make your kitchen walls stain and water resistant. There are a lot of ways in which you can put wall tiles to use. You can install them all over and add an accent wall with tiles of a different design that stand out or go for unique designed tiles for your kitchen backsplashes. Either way, this is surely going to change the way your kitchens look and will give them a healthy, long life.

Upgrade your countertops:

Tired of the same old countertop that has been passed on as a legacy in your kitchen? It definitely calls for change. Countertops are the most used and abused areas of the kitchen. They tend to wear out faster than any other corner because of their extensive use. Thankfully, we have an endless variety of countertop surfaces, from polymers to resin to natural stone such as marble, granite countertops for you to take a pick. A new countertop will add a fresh wave of beauty to your kitchens and up the functionality element too as you can customise the countertop per your needs.

Reface your cabinets:

Cabinets are yet another important role player in the kitchen. They are responsible for holding all your storage and keeping your kitchens away from clutter. If your cabinets are structurally sound and robust, a few cosmetic changes will fast forward them to an upgrade and make them look contemporary. Quick fixes like changing the handles, pulls, knobs, brackets will give the cabinets a new look. This is a great way to reface the existing cabinets without having to pull them down altogether.

Have seating available:

Being the busiest area of the house, the kitchen sees a lot of footfalls throughout the day. Most people are likely to gather in the kitchens either to help around or to hang around. Modern kitchens are witnessing seating in the kitchens. You could choose to have countertop stools and seats around your kitchen island to make it a breakfast bar. This way you could even bid adieu to your dining table to free up some extra space around the house.

Install new lighting options:

Lighting to a space is what a mirror is to a face. Inadequate lighting is never going to do justice to the design of your house, no matter how exquisitely it is done. Kitchens are a food lab of a house. It needs good lighting for all the cooking that comes in. illuminated kitchens not only are super functional but they raise the ambience and make them look bright and elegant. Get some ambient lighting around the countertops or a pendant lighting over a kitchen island to glam up your kitchens.

From modern upgrades, to flooring to lighting and choosing the colour, remodelling a kitchen can come in as a challenge in disguise, but good planning will lead to better execution and the options are infinite to explore. Pick out the right elements for your kitchen and give it the makeover that it deserves.

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Mahima Rawat works with the content team at Orientbell Tiles, where she creates interesting lifestyle pieces on home and interior design. She loves presenting options to her readers so they can make the right choices when it comes to their home interiors. Flooring and tiles are her favourite topics. Besides interior design, she also loves to travel, play badminton and listen to music.

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