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Whatever may be the style of decoration or theme of your bedroom, it has to look simple, cozy, sophisticated and elegant. Designer has to consider the ease of movement in bedroom, leaving a minimum of three to four feet between the bed and side walls or large furniture pieces and at least two feet between the bed and low height furniture like dressers, study tables etc. One has to plan a walkway around the bed to get from the wardrobe to the bathroom without getting troubled even if in low light.

Minimalistic furnishing in bedroom is the need of an hour especially in metro cities, so designer shall plan basic must furniture in bedroom like a bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser and chair may be optional. Anything more than this may create clutter, if you have walk in, place a chest of drawers in the walk-in.


Being the best interior designer and decorators in Pune and Mumbai atdecorMyPlace we start out with a floor plan and a measured drawing of the space and then marking with the masking tape practically in the room to get the exact feel of the furniture sizes and placements. We always go with the basic principle of FURNITURE SHOULD FIT THE ROOM IT LIVES and this is very important in particularly in apartment concepts. Few common mistakes to be avoided, not to choose a heavy, large bed or dresser for a smaller bedroom.

Few tips have been in practice like for high ceiling, a tall headboard can be recommended to help to visibly bring the ceiling down. For a larger bedroom a relaxing chair or ottoman or a decorative bench at theend of the bed is recommended. In larger bedroom furniture and accessories that are too small will look lost.

Being a best interior designers and decorators in Pune and Mumbai, designers have been trained to offer few tips while planning the bedrooms, there shall be place to store or hide almost everything to add to the serene feeling of a bedroom, that makes your bedroom appear more calm and roomy. Designer may recommend a roomy bedside table with drawers or even doors to hide books, medicine box, reading glasses within reach but surely out of sight. In few cases trunk or a storage bench at the foot of the bed can be planned to store extra sheets, blankets, and pillows. Even the headboard can be used as some storage with built-in shelves or sliding panels, custom-designed organizer can make maximum use of closet space, many such fittings are available in market now a days.

Designers atdecorMyPlace are trained to create a quiet place to sit and read, that’s really a gift in itself, always try to create an intimate reading space or lounge with a relaxing chair or recliner at the end of your bed or mostly in a corner.

Many a times, designer try to see the possibility of creating a space in the window by shifting the window panel, granite or quartz can be fitted on the extended platform along with decorative light in the middle of window, you can sit and enjoy your book with the view and the natural light.

Minimal carefully selected accessories, a beautiful piece of artwork, couple of family photos, flowers and candles add immensely important personal touch to your bedroom and it works to be your personal getaway, a sanctuary, that can expresses your favorite colors, your feelings and love towards your space.

Being best interior designer and decorators in Pune and Mumbai, we always engage color expert on the job, the recommendation is instead of primary bold colors, choose soothing shades from the restful palette of monochromatic tones, gentle hues of blue, lavender, or green are considered more calm and serene. Even wall papers can be used on one of the walls especially behind the headboard if there is no major design is created in furniture.

The next element to be planned is the ceiling, it’s actually the fifth wall in a room. Do you wish to see when lying in bed bland, blank surface? Designer recommends to add a subtle pattern or soft color, slightly lighter version of the wall color will help to visually lower the ceiling and give the space a feeling of comfort, coziness and intimacy. Luxury quotient of the space can be increased with silver-leafed bedroom ceilings, a poster bed with hanging dressing. The molded medallion and chandelier of crystal can be engaged to decorate the “fifth wall” above you.

Being best interior designer and decorators in Pune and Mumbai we make sure the we decorate your bedroom with beautiful and luxurious fabrics,beautiful linensis absolute must to add comfort to a bedroom, don’t recommend bed sheets that are less than 100 percent cotton or linen with high thread counts of 350 or more, that’s gives the feeling of richness and comfort.

For utmost sensual feeling run the fabrics through the bedroom with a soft mohair on the arm of a reading chair, walls can be covered with silk or textured luxurious wall coverings, silk draperies can be hanged or a silk bed canopy, the further luxury can come from plush floor coverings.

A beautifully dressed up window add further beauty to your outside view and it provide other ways to enhance color, pattern, texture, and softness to a bedroom space. In addition to soft sheer curtains that filter light can be combined with opaque roller blinds that can be pulled down to maintain privacy at night and to block morning sun light, in case you wish to sleep more on day time.


Our expert will surely suggest to layer your lighting throughout the bed room ambient lighting light the whole room and may be used with warm white light, small lamps can be used to focus light for reading and other activities, and accent light can be utilized to wash the walls in soft illumination.

For reading use a bedside lamp with a movable arm that can be focused as per your requirement. Dimmers can be utilized for intensity adjustment for various lights, with all the above things falling in place rightly create your bedroom a beautiful place to rest, sleep and romance…. It’s going to be a real gateway for your lifetime.

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