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How to make room look bigger is one of the most important topics discussed during the interior designing process. The term big and small is relative. No matter how big or small space you have, you probably want to make the most of your space. Thus, it is possible to change the way a room

Following are some of the simplest proven ways to add space to make your room look bigger.

Furniture placement is key in making the most out of your available space. When it comes to furniture layout of a room one can be rather innovative. However, trying to understand the spaces enough to utilize the layout of the rooms. It is best to have the heaviest of pieces like wardrobes, sofas be placed along the sides of the wall.

Dark colours are a no-no in small rooms. As suggested, lighter colour palettes cast the illusion of a larger area. Dark colour schemes which are trendy and design-friendly, are best used in larger areas. Colours interact with neighbouring shades to create a spacious feel to a room.

Use of multi-functional furniture the contemporary furniture is designed with a view to provide the most functionality to every piece. To utilize the space in a room to its maximum potential, decorate with furniture that can serve a dual purpose such as a sofa with pull out storage space. Furniture that can be made small is a great way to create space too.

Simplify window treatments can be found in all shapes and sizes. Ceilings appear taller and windows tends to look larger by hanging curtain rod close to the ceiling and extending it wider than the window.

Mirrors Contrary to the widespread perception that mirrors being one of the oldest and dried out concepts, it is possible to have rooms done with mirrors. Mirror improve the light available in space and makes the wall attractive. Possibly something like the metallic reflectors can go well with mirrors.

Use multiple sources of natural lights instead of one. For small spaces, it�s better to go in favors of multiple light sources instead of one median source. The multiple sources will be distributed in an exceeding way that illuminates the full space, leaving no dark corners. Choosing minimalistic lighting fixtures for the ceiling over bulky ones can help look room spacious.

There are many more ways to make your room look bigger, lets discuss when our team meets you.

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