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Why So Low Prices

In last few years many of our clients in this region gave us the feedback that they found decormyplace prices almost 15-18 percent lesser than the other interior companies they met in this region and primary reason for this is the possibility of bulk buying due to multiple projects going on at a time across the multiple cities. 

Our consumption of plywood is almost 800- 1000 sheets per month so we could directly tie up with the manufacturing companies in North India especially from Yamuna Nagar Haryana, which is probably the largest hub in Asia of plywood manufacturing companies. We source our plywood directly from these companies and get it treated with anti-termite liquid. This huge quantity of plywood requirement gives us the edge to negotiate on price, quality with commitment of timely delivery, these all advantages are directly beneficial for our clients. 

currently we are consuming close to 1500 sheets of laminate per month, may be one of the largest consumer in the region among midsize interior designing companies, with this capacity of consumption we are in position to get one of the finest products in the industry along with warranty against bubbles, cracks or any defects like colour difference etc. Moreover this quantity tempt any vendor to work with us at very competitive rates.  

With the volume we offer, many companies in the hardware industry including Hafele, Hettich made us their OEM partner and offered us the best price and on time delivery commitment, this discounted price has immensely helped us to provide our clients the world class hardware choices at very attractive prices. decormyplace is the best interior designer in Pune.

Volume we offer has attracted many big brands like Merino, Century etc. the OEM status to decormyplace and offer their products at the best prices with highest level of commitment on product availability and warranty. 

With the experience of more than 450 projects, execution team of decormyplace developed methodology and formulae to estimate the right quantity of material, we use the optimum cutting method that helps to plan the thoughtful cutting and reduction in the material consumption that results in less wastage and optimum usage of material.

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