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Small Budget Interior


Interior Designing is the best art to form a gorgeous, luxurious and welcoming atmosphere in home space. If you are thinking about your home designing but worried about budget, then use the subsequent low budget interior designing ideas to line your home interior.

Colour Combination:

Colour is that the simple and easiest method to vary your home look within touch of your time & budget. It creates fresh, colourful, and attractive look. Selecting the right colour combination that suites to your space plays an important role in Interior Designing.

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To experience natural, fresh, and lively ambiance in your space add some green plants or flowerpot

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Mirror helps to make reflection of small space to large. Mirror also helps to bring light in room. Mirror becomes the focus of view in designing for you, your family and guest.

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Make the possible use of natural light to light your space. You will use the various forms of light like spotlights, chandelier, etc to create shiny, luxurious atmosphere in space.

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Plates, Photo Frames, and handmade craft:

You will be able to use the decorative plates, photo frames and handmade craft as wall decor item to brighten your space.

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Focus on Texture:

Texture is that component which creates a space pop. Adding texture through fabrics, wood, colours, and other designing materials it helps to feature visual interest, dimensions.

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