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Are you wishing to décor your apartment in India?

We are one of the first designing firms, to start special initiative for NRIs projects, after working for more than 20 NRI clients remotely, we understood the challenges of working with you, especially matching with different time zones, detailed explanations of designs, explanation of working of various hardware and getting material approvals for surfaces material like laminates, veneers etc.

Though initially it took some more time for us to finish NRI projects designs due to their onsite absence and challenges of different working hours, but now we have set up team exclusively to handle NRI PROJECTS flawlessly by finding out the ways to deal with most of these challenges.

With the help of various new age tools like team viewer, skype etc. we could provide you visuals of all the designs and provide solution as per yourchoices. Team set up calls with our NRI clients as per the schedule defined initially itself, so that your requirements can be understood properly in time, we use high end images of laminates and veneers so that you can actually feel the material. We have created a large repository of close up images of various hardware systems and their working videos which help us to explain you the exact working of these systems.

Now most of the NRI clients are awarding us the turnkey projects to manage their project including all upholstery, AC, fridge, washing machine and other white goods even including internet, dish TV connections, so that when you move in here,you just need to come with few bags of cloths that’s it and settle in the quickest possible time. We have even offered complete landscaping solution, plantations for balcony etc.

We appreciate your curiosity and concerns about the progress, thus daily update to client has been made as an imperative part of project management, various technological tools have been adopted for this. Few clients even requested for continuous CCTV FEED, so that they can check the project progress as per their convenience.  This daily update practice proved to be highly beneficial in avoiding any possible errors and subsequent reworks.

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