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Kitchen Renovation Cost in Pune

Old platform, scratches all over, jammed sliders, rusted trollies, broken edges, broken hinges,
broken handles, old looking tiles any of the above reasons is enough for kitchen renovation. One you
decide to go for kitchen renovation decormyplace can help you to get the right cost for kitchen
Modern kitchen has 6 major components shuttering finish, drawer system, overhead cabinet hardware
system, platform material, storage units like tall units, larder units and in built electronics
appliances systems like microwave, hobs, chimney etc. Now a days clients are exploring various
lighting options as well in kitchen area. We need to apportion right percent to arrive at your
kitchen renovation cost.
Squeezing all your kitchen functionalities in to your restricted expensive kitchen space is the
biggest challenge in front of the designers today. At decormyplace, our modular kitchen experts
happily accept this challenge whether it’s apartment or row house or villa. Kitchen engineers make
sure there is always maximum space allocated to move around comfortably and create free access to
frequently needed kitchen items while cooking or performing any kitchen activities. At decormyplace
maximum focus is given to design an affordable kitchen that has to be in sync with overall Kitchen’s
Interiors and layout.

Imported modern fittings
At decormyplace, we have selected various options for your kitchen renovation, for shutters finish we
have Spanish, Italian acrylic surfaces, modern glossy laminated surfaces, back painted glasses,
modern veneer finishes. For fittings hardware we have options like tandem boxes from Hettich, Hafele,
BLUM etc, tall units, larder units, pantry units, various types of corner units, rolling shutters and
many more. Your kitchen renovation cost depends on the selection of these fittings tandem boxes start
from 3000 to 10000 per unit, larder units start from 15000 – 55000. Rolling shutter prices depends on
the size of the shutters and material like glass or plastic. Now a days we recommend mostly profile
handles for drawers to get the seamless finish of kitchen drawers.
Kitchen renovation cost can get changed substantially if we opt for quartz as kitchen platform
material, we have large number of quartz options available for your new renovated kitchen, quartz
price ranges from 350 rs. to 1500 rs. sq. ft. Tiles range from 100 to 300 rs. per sa. Ft on an
average. For overhead units there are various modern fittings are available which ranges from 1000 to
20000 Rs. We have few fittings options which can be operated with the help of sensors and battery.

Wicker baskets for onions and potatoes, double door pantry units, rolling shutters and few other
modern storage options decide the kitchen renovation cost in Pune. Moreover, baskets vs tandem boxes
impacts on the kitchen renovation cost, even for the tandem boxes we have multiple brands like
Hettich, Hafele, Blum that decides the renovation cost. Our kitchen designs are based on new age,
modern, highly functional, rust proof 304 stainless steel kitchen baskets and trollies which are
sourced from the leaders in the industry like EVERSHINE, EVERYDAY, SPLITZ etc.
Feather touch tandem boxes from BLUM, Hafele or Hettich, PVC cutlery baskets from IKEA, HAFELE,
advanced affordable uplift cabinet mechanisms like AVENTOS, modern pull outs, rolling shutters from
Rehau, Hafele or tall units and pantry units provide us the gamut of choices which are presented to
client while designing their modular kitchens. Standard accessories like modern space saving corner
units, drainage steel Trays, Pull-outs, cutlery organizers, Grain Trolleys or carrousel are always
part of our kitchen systems.
We have few modern fittings from BLUM, SERVO DRIVE SYSTEMS that runs on electrical power and can be
operated with finger touch itself.

With the configuration of various storages, fittings, drawer systems, surface materials it has been
noticed that for economy kitchen the cost shall be around 5-6000 Rs per running feet and for
luxurious kitchen it shall be around 12000 – 20000 Rs per running feet. decormyplace affordable
kitchens always encompasses the various types of shutter / facia / door options like back painted
glass, imported acrylic surfaces, Corian surfaces, UV imported panels from Italy and Spain, these
shutters / doors are tightly sealed on the edges to protect from water with matching EDGE BANDS from
German manufacturing company REHAU and hot pressed at 180 degrees on German machine from HOMAG.

At decormyplace, our design team always admires the client’s freedom of ideas, we always adopt the
unique requirement of every client and design kitchen as per their requirement. We have been
offering affordable modular kitchen for various kitchen layout designs like parallel, straight, U-
shaped or with Islands.

You always have options of heavy duty sliders or wheels for the large bottom trollies which
we recommend for bulky items that makes them suitable for moving between spaces uninterrupted.
• Movability on demand, is one more feature our kitchen engineers always adopt in our designs,
separate racks are created while developing modular kitchen trolley which can be moved outside the
kitchen and will look like any other storage furniture components that can help storing various
• Your love for hosting outdoor barbeque party will be supported by specially designed modular
kitchen trolleys, on such occasions it can help in moving items in and out.

• Please explain us the modular kitchen concept?
As the term itself suggests, module or components, these modules are developed to perform specific
function in kitchen. These modules are designed as the standardised components and are connected
together to form a whole, functional kitchen.
As these are pre-built units, modular kitchen is generally cost effective than semi modular
traditional kitchens. The biggest advantage of modular kitchen is that, one can shift this complete
kitchen to other apartment at very minimum cost.
• Can you help us renovate our existing old kitchen?
Granite fitting, tiling can be undertaken as part of complete modular kitchen setup, or your existing
countertop or slab can be refurbished to create a new kitchen. If needed we do dismantle existing

Is there any designs or themes repository available to choose from?
More than 1000 smart affordable modular kitchen themes along with ready 2D or 3D designs and images
of actual modular kitchen repository is readily available with us, these designs are classic
traditional, modern, or a mix of both based on our wide range of local and imported shutter finishes,
hardware fittings and layouts that will help you choose a beautifully designed kitchen.
• What is the exact delivery period for decormyplace modular kitchen?
Kitchen will be delivered within 30-days from confirmation of final drawings.
+Skilled technicians and ISO processes
We have got our team trained by global hardware companies like Hafele and Hettich, these trained
professionals make sure that your kitchen is transformed into a most interesting & a smart place.
Decormyplace is an ISO certified organizationorganisation, thus our processes mandatorily conform to
best quality standards for designing, carpentry, painting, manufacturing, and execution & servicing.
Indian cooking style is always a focussed area while designing modular Kitchen.

If you need lights in overhead cabinets or under the cabinets, or power for chimneys or hob,
we do undertake electrification. In most of the projects we need to shift or create new electrical
points as the modern kitchen designs demand such changes.
➢ masonry work, civil work
➢ Plumbing services for sink and water purifier
➢ Chimney installation and Core cutting
➢ Various types of granite replacement if needed.
➢ Painting if needed, we have multiple options for paintings, wall murals
➢ Back splash installation like back painted glass or designer glass
➢ False ceiling for kitchens

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