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Italian Kitchen Manufacturers in Pune

The way France is famous for fashion, Italy is famous for furniture, especially designer furniture. Italy is one of the first European countries that embraced Modular kitchen concept quite long back. In Italy lots of designers jumped the bandwagon during the initial days and designed numerous types of storage systems focussed on Kitchens and wardrobes. Tandem boxes, quadro channels, uplift systems, larder systems, corner units, under sink storages, mechanized dustbins, foldable chopping board and many more fittings were designed in last few years in Italy. The kitchen systems which has most of these fittings are called as Italian kitchens and decormyplace embraced these various Italian fittings as part of our kitchen and now we clearly stand as the biggest Italian kitchen manufacturers in Pune..  

To accommodate various stuff in kitchen there are specialized fittings created by Italian designers there are fittings like bottle pull outs, rolling shutters, larder unit, corner units of various types, cutlery trays, wicker baskets to store onions and potatoes. There are few Italian companies which have devised various kitchen appliances like chimneys, built in microwaves, fridge and many more such kitchen appliances. These appliances make the kitchen highly functional and look aesthetically beautiful.   There are few fittings like under basin drawer system, auto openable dustbins, fittings and fixtures for plates, bowls etc.  At decormyplace, designers will be able to devise 360 degree solution for your kitchen with complete Italian modern style.   

We have collection of imported Italian shutter panels that includes high gloss acrylic panels, lacquered panels, stone finish panels, marble or granite finish panels and many more trendy solid surface designs. Designers at decormyplace have created hundreds of modern kitchen designs with the help of designer panels available with us.

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