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Interior Solution & Services

With the best interior decorators in pune under our roofour works spellperfection and excellence. We have our team of professionals at decormyplace.com which comprise of fashion merchandisers, interior designers and even architects. For executing the project we have a well knit network of contractors and skilled workmanship in-house. This workmanship comprises of fabricators, carpenters, wood and metal workshops.

We have been sourcing our raw materials from a host of vendors and suppliers to satisfy your decoration needs. Our ingeniousness lies in coming up painlessly and quickly with solutions that are brilliant.

It is the responsibility of our best interior designer to make the ultimate transformation of your house where everyone goes “wow” after just a glimpse at it. Our innate abilities lie in comprehending you preferences and style needs.

Every room in your home shall be reflection of class with our world class works. There have been customers who have come up to us and made submissions.These submissions have been that years after getting a Renovation from us, they still love their house as it is.

Let the nook and corner of your house be designed by our top 10 interior designers in pune. Right from cabinets, customized furniture to canopies and false ceilings we have all that is a part of your adorning needs. We urge you to please have a look at the services below:

  • Total interiors in the house: We strive to create the most beautiful interiors for your house that shall reflect your taste and lifestyle. Our very talented designers associated with  synthesize, research and implement the visions creatively.
  • Packages: We have a separate designing package for every house irrespective of the fact that whether it is two BHK or one. Infact you can even plan the interiors of your retirement home with us. It is our vision that is deadline and budget compliant, has a practically usable setup and is aesthetically compelling.
  • Wallpapers and paints: They add personality, warmth and charm to your houses with our interior theme. In a very cost-effective method we paint your exteriors and interiors with the best paints and colors. We also provide you with appropriate wall papers that shall change the entire look of the house.
  • Special initiatives: We have our teams indulged in engineering projects that our special. These involve surface designs that are solid, sun room creation, extended balconies and glass roofs. Our turnkey interior project is a major look out for each one you out there.

We haveall design for home interior that takes to be the apple of your eyes because with the stunning collections and packages we intend to carve a special space in your hearts.

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