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Acrylic Kitchen Manufacturers in Pune

At decormyplace we have tied up with Spanish, Italian kitchen shutter manufactures which manufacture various types of panels including acrylic, glass acrylics, veneer finished shutters. These acrylic laminated panels are imported in India and are cut in to the desired pieces as per the kitchen shutters requirements and edge bands are fitted around all the edges to make them completely water proof. We may be one of the few acrylic kitchen manufactures in Pune having our own setup with various imported machineries at our workshop. These machines are capable of delivering the world class finish to your kitchen shutters.

Apart from European shutters we have made in India acrylic solid surface or Corian shutters as well, it comes with 3-4 mm thick layer. These acrylic surfaces are super strong to withstand day to day impact of regular usage.

We have selected large number of designs of acrylic surfaces, solid colours, metallic colours, lot of designs and those can be mixed to create thousands of designs, probably decormyplace is the only acrylic kitchen manufactures in Pune having such large collection of acrylic shutter options and complete setup to provide 360 degree kitchen solutions.

These acrylic shutters can be made in various sizes so that same acrylic shutter can be used as small to large shutters, we used the these acrylic kitchen shutters for large storages like tall units, pantry units and larder units etc.

We have large number of options of various modern fittings like tall unit fittings of various width and heights, larder units of various sizes, tandem boxes from HETTICH, HAFELE, all these fittings can be used along with acrylic or Corian shutters to bring out the world class acrylic kitchens in short span of time.

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