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Interior designing is all about creating the beautiful and functional spaces. Whenever you are heading to build your dream home or remodel the kitchen, you are looking for space, functionality and aesthetics. Right furniture setting by the professionals brings beautiful change. The best interior designer helps make the home personalised and unique. Here come the great collections from decormyplace that not only make the home unique but up-to-date.

The CEO Magazine, recognized decormyplace among the best interior designing companies in India in their survey, which they published in MARCH 2019.

The right designs are the ultimate saviour of your home appearance. They not only work on the home experience but also save you money. We being one of the best interior designers in Pune have arranged the best team of designers to work with in making the best decor for the clients who are looking for a marvellous change in a tight budget. The professionals work on making the furniture unique and value-worthy by using various new materials, shapes and ideas.

We, at decormyplace, are a group of professional interior designers with average experience of 15 years in the service industry in India as well as in the international market. With excellent creativity and the right sense of time, we provide the top-notch interior designing services in Pune. We believe that the interior design industry in India is in an embryonic stage and we are obstinate to bring a drastic change in this industry being one of the best interior designers in town. At decormyplace team is solely involved in balancing the three most important factors- creativity, durability, and budget. We will definitely bring you a better lifestyle.

ThreebestRated.in recognized decormyplace as the top three best interior designing companies in Pune.

One of the most important requirement of any interior project is the skilled and experienced designers one must give highest importance to this factor when trying to get the answers for the how to select the best interior designers. We will recommend to select the interior designing firm having at least team for 5-6 interior designers so that there is no dependency on one single resource in case of emergency.

Any interior project involves multiple activities like demolition, electrification, plumbing, tiling, granite fitting, fabrication, carpentry, glass works, masonry, upholstery, sound consultants, windows maker, water proofing expert and list is un ending. There is need of proper and timely co-ordination among all these agencies in order to execute the project in time and without errors, else agencies may pass the buck to other agencies and ultimately you as client may suffer. We always recommend you to keep this parameter while thinking of how to select the best interior designer in town. One shall thoroughly discuss with interior designing company if they have all the relevant agencies at their disposal else delay, errors, chaos and dissatisfaction may be the outcome of the project.

Yes this is true, there is need of warranty for interior projects and now a days few new age interior designing companies have started extending warranty up to 4-5 yrs for the project works. As an interior designing is customized project there is need of maintenance for the furniture especially for hardware in long run. In any project there are multiple pieces of furniture and there are various types of hardware like hinges, drawer slides, sliding systems for wardrobe, uplift systems for wall cabinets, bed fittings, sofa mechanism, kitchen corners, roller shutters and many more advanced fittings over period of time, their setting changes and there is need of some corrections thus having warranty for the project is always recommended to have peace of mind. In short, warranty plays crucial role when you try to seek the answer for how to select the best interior designer in town.

Interior project is onsite and offshore works, this approach can reduce the time required for executing the project, many interior companies have their carpentry workshops or factory this can increase the speed of execution of the project and you may get the handover of the property little early. In some cases like kitchen etc, there is need of special facility like edge band fitting to improve the finishing of the shutters, we will recommend to find out the interior company which has this type of facility so that speed and finishing can be enhanced. Now a days various modern machineries are available in market like panel cutting, laminate pressing, edge banding, boring machine, bench drills and many more, with these machines your interior partner can surely enhance the beauty of your project.